Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction


Program Description

Susquehanna University is offering a Master of Education which can be completed in 1 or more years by international students. Educators around the globe are invited to extend their learning and prepare to increase their effectiveness in the classroom in the rolling hills of central Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Candidates who have dedicated themselves to improving their English proficiency can now perfect these skills at Susquehanna through English Language Development classes offered before and throughout the Master of Education program.

A degree in Curriculum and Instruction exposes learners to the history of education as well the skills necessary to design curriculum and work with diverse learners. Our program is comprised of 7 core and 2 elective courses (from Special Ed and English Language Learner coursework).The Master’s Program at Susquehanna University also delves into the world of technology and the critical thinking skills needed by today’s students as they interact with media beyond the classroom walls.

One option for the Program Map:

English Language Development

August to December


Late January to Early May



EDUC 712*

EDUC 710

EDUC 755

EDUC 750

EDUC 760

EDUC 711

EDUC 799*



Elective 1

Elective 2


7 Core

Course #

Course Name

EDUC 710

Social Foundations of Education

EDUC 711

Curriculum Development

EDUC 712

Research Methods

EDUC 750

Critical Media Literacy in the K-12 Classroom

EDUC 755

Inclusive Classroom Strategies

EDUC 760

Critical Literature and Trends in Education

EDUC 799

Master’s Paper

Choose 2 Electives (4 available each year)

EDUC 740

ELL Language and Literacy Development

EDUC 741

Sociocultural Contexts of Teaching and Learning Language

EDUC 742

Foundations for Teaching English Language Learners

EDUC 743

Understanding Second Language Acquisition for Educators

EDUC 715

Assessment in Special and Inclusive Education

EDUC 720

Teaching Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities

EDUC 725

Teaching Students with Mild Disabilities

EDUC 745

Behavior Interventions

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In our rapidly changing world, we are bombarded with information and new technologies.

In our rapidly changing world, we are bombarded with information and new technologies. Read less