It is assumed that a candidate for the Master of Science degree has made a commitment to the scholarly study of education and to teaching as a career. Secondary education programs include courses in professional education, the teaching fields, and general education.

Candidates should apply to the College of Education for acceptance to a teacher education program no later than the fourth semester of their enrollment at Alabama State University. Upon acceptance to a program, an adviser in Secondary Education will be assigned to assist in designing an acceptable program. The adviser in the College of Education will coordinate the advisement process with the adviser in the teaching fields.

Candidates seeking certification in other states should seek advisement from the Certification Officer in the College of Education.


  • Instructional Support Area (24 semester hours)
  • LEM 500 Literature for Children and Young Adults (3)
  • LEM 508 Collection Development and Management (former title: Selection and Utilization of Media and Materials) (3)
  • LEM 512 Administration of Library Media Programs (3)
  • LEM 517 Organization of Information Resources (former title: Technical Services) (3)
  • LEM 519 Reference and Reference Services (3)
  • EDT 574 Computer-Based Instructional Technologies (3)
  • EDT 575 Current and Emerging Instructional Technologies (3)
  • EDT 576 The Integration of Technology into K-12 Curriculum (3)
  • Foundation of Professional Studies (6 hours)
  • EDU 527 Human Development and Behavior (3) OR
  • EDU 541 Advanced Educational Psychology (3)
  • EDU 531 Modern Issues in Education (3) OR
  • EDU 554: Contrasting Philosophies of Education (3)

Research (3 semester hours)

  • EDU 512: Educational Research (3)

Internship (3 semester hours)

  • LEM 507 Internship in Library Media [300 Clock Hours Internship Required] (3)
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