Master of Divinity (Talbot School of Theology)

The mission of the Master of Divinity program at Talbot School of Theology is to equip servant leaders for making disciples worldwide by developing in them an accurate knowledge of the Word of God, the skills necessary to communicate the Gospel effectively, and character worthy of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ for the leading of the church.


The Master of Divinity program aims to produce students who:

  • Understand the Word of God and exegete it accurately.
  • Communicate accurately the Word of God including the modes of preaching, teaching, counseling, evangelism, and writing.
  • Behave Christianly.
  • Are committed to lead people into worldwide ministry.
  • Comprehend the doctrines of our faith community and their development.
  • Value and acquire the skills needed to lead the diverse Christian community and equip others to lead in ministry.


  • Christian Education
  • Evangelism and Discipleship
  • Messianic Jewish Studies
  • Missions & Intercultural Studies
  • Pastoral and General Ministries
  • Pastoral Care and Counseling
  • Spiritual Formation


As a result of the Master of Divinity program, the student will:

  • Behave Christianly by valuing and pursuing Christian character. Master of Divinity students will learn an accurate knowledge of self in light of the knowledge of God and will apply course material to their lives.
  • Demonstrate and be committed to an accurate exposition of the Word of God. Master of Divinity students will learn pertinent background information for Bible books, the evangelical principles of literary interpretation of the Word of God, and exegetical skills for the exposition of biblical texts from the original languages.
  • Comprehend historical theology. Master of Divinity students will be cognizant of and value the historical development of doctrine and the significance of this history for the contemporary situation.
  • Comprehend the doctrines typically categorized in systematic theology and assess, prefer, and trust the doctrinal statement of Talbot School of Theology. Master of Divinity students will learn and recall the essential doctrines of our faith community, write theological papers using the inductive method of theological study, critique theological writing, and apply abstract theological concepts to concrete situations.
  • Value and prefer expository preaching. Master of Divinity students will learn to apply the biblical author's intended purpose of a Bible passage in a manner relevant to the lives of their hearers.
  • Write a graduate-level research paper that is well organized, well supported, uses appropriate sources, and adheres to appropriate form and style guidelines.
  • Counsel pastorally. Master of Divinity students will learn basic relationship skills, counseling skills, ethical guidelines in pastoral counseling, and develop a plan for referring some counselees.
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