Master of China Studies


Program Description


The Master of China Studies (MCS) is an MA-level degree program with a strong focus on China’s economic, cultural, and societal context. Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS), partnering with the Institute of China Studies, infuses business trends into the longstanding China Studies program. The interdisciplinary curriculum allows students to work analytically, and to gain an in-depth understanding of China. ZIBS provides academic support, corporate support, and teaching space.

The MCS has a team of more than 20 professors from various departments and practical components of the program, such as workshops, field trips, and internships, engage students in the Chinese society to further prepare them for conducting independent research and to integrate empirical knowledge in daily life and work.


Program Details


Through an interdisciplinary curriculum and in-depth field research in China’s contemporary economic, cultural, and societal context, students gain a unique perspective on the social and business environment of China. China Studies at ZIBS is built on the premise that international students should be able to interact and communicate with the local community by learning to speak Mandarin Chinese while pursuing their studies in English.

Program Outline

The program is built on two interdisciplinary modules: Understanding Contemporary China & Doing Business in/with China, all of which ensure that students acquire a broad understanding of contemporary China and issues related to its economy and practice of business.

Required and core subjects include topics such as:

  • Chinese Language
  • China Studies Seminar (Social Research Methods & Academic Writing)
  • Intercultural Competence
  • Lecture Series of China Studies
  • Chinese Civilization
  • Geopolitics and Business

Students may choose electives in China Business, China Culture and Society, such as:

  • Technology, Innovation and Transformation
  • Leadership in China
  • China’s Fintech Engine
  • Digital Commerce in China
  • Globalization and International Business
  • Growth Markets and BRI
  • Chinese Local Society and its Modernization
  • Chinese Public Policy
  • China Culture and Society in the 20th Century
  • China Intellectual History

All students will complete an internship, generally 3-6 months in length. A thesis is required for all students in the Master of China Studies.

*Courses indicated are subject to change and are indicative only.

Language of Study

The primary instruction language is English with a rigorous Mandarin curriculum serving as an additional component to enhance your Chinese language proficiency.

Format and Duration

The length of the full-time program is 2 years. MA candidates from partner universities could optionally study 1 year at Zhejiang University. The principal teaching location is the ZJU International Campus in Haining. The formal curriculum provides further insights into topics of interest related to China.

Degree and Certificate

Graduates will obtain both the degree and diploma of Master of China Studies from Zhejiang University, after having completed 24 credits, a thesis and an internship.

International Student Environment

The MCS program provides a unique environment for students to learn from each other. Through both in-class and after-class activities, students have the opportunity to develop their cross-cultural communication skills, establish their own international contacts, and explore potential cooperation opportunities.

In-company Experience

All students are required to complete a 3-6 month internship, depending on the nature of the engagement. It is an outstanding opportunity for participants to apply their learnings to real situations, achieving a high degree of integration between learning and practice.

Logistics Support in Haining

The International Campus provides shuttle services to the Hangzhou campus. The school may also provide other shuttle services to the railway station upon students’ requests. A campus service center provides access to city services, such as bus and public bicycles, as well as advising on daily living on campus and in Haining.

Accommodation and Facilities

The International Campus provides on-campus accommodation options, paid by students. Campus facilities include full catering, sports facilities (both in-door and out-door), convenience stores, cafes, banking, and postal services, common meeting areas, etc. It is a fully-autonomous campus.


  • Tuition: 30,800 RMB/year
  • Accommodation Fee: 8,000 RMB/year
  • Insurance: 800 RMB/year



  1. Prepare Your Application
    • Eligibility:
      • Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health.
      • Minimum bachelor's degree in any given major.
      • Applicants must be under the age of 40.
      • TOEFL, IELTS and/or other internationally recognized English test certificate demonstrating the applicant's proficiency in English.
      • The list of documents for application can be found here:
      • All applicants shall submit the electronic documents online to the Office of Admission and Management for Postgraduate Students, the International College, and mail physical documents to the mailing address of the Institute of China Studies no later than the deadline. The deadline for admission is March 31th, 2020. The application package should be labeled as “Master’s Degree Program Application Materials”.
      • Incomplete applications will not be processed. All materials will NOT be returned regardless of the result.
  2. Online Application
    • Afterward, send your application with supporting documents to the mailing address provided above. Application deadline for admission to the program and ZJU Scholarship 2020-2021: March 31th, 2020.
  3. After Application
    • For more information on registration, medical insurance and accommodation, please consult to the International College at


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