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Program Description

Master of Business Management

Klaipeda University

Master of Business Management

Graduate of the Master study program in Business Management shall acquire: highly specialized theoretical and practical knowledge and critical understanding of the problems in business management and overlapping fields; the skill to identify problems on the basis of research and the use of the knowledge of new or interdisciplinary fields in case of incomplete or limited information when employed as researchers, consultants, or managers of subdivisions or organizations in any business organization; they shall have professional, learning, independent work and responsibility, communication and social skills. Business Management Master's program aims - to provide qualified professionals in scientific researcher or teacher's career, as well as able to engage in practical activities of senior management positions in any business organization.

Key learning outcomes

Knowledge and Its Application

  • A1 Will know the results of fundamental and applied research in the field of management, will be able to systematically and creatively apply them in scientific research and problem solution in business organizations.
  • A2 Will know and be able to apply business projection, strategic management, scientific and applied research results in business management and scientific research.
  • A3 Will know the latest results of research in marketing, will be able to apply them to make business management decisions.
  • A4 Will know the latest theories and methods of organizational culture, business decisions and innovation will be able to apply them in scientific research.

Research Skills

  • B1 Will be able to formulate a scientific problem, to choose or develop a scientific research methodology, to perform scientific research independently.
  • B2 Will be able to analyze, synthesize research data that is necessary for scientific and practical activity, to use information systems and databases.
  • B3 Will be able to justify the results of scientific research verbally and in writing, to give reasons to business management decisions, integrating results of management and other scientific research.

Subject–Specific Skills

  • C1 Will be able to analyze business environment, choose resources, location, and market, critically evaluate information, apply methods and means of business analysis to formulate and implement a strategic business plan.
  • C2 Will be able to perform market research, apply the results of market research to choose a price of a product, payment system, to evaluate the risk of investment and profitability.
  • C3 Will be able to evaluate and form organizational culture, to sustainably develop business, to choose and implement innovation strategies, to prepare and make other business management decisions.

Social Skills

  • D1 Will be able to clearly communicate verbally and in writing, reasonably transmit generalized information to specialists and other people, critically evaluate it.
  • D2 Will be able to work in a team, to organize an individual and personal activity, to take responsibility for the quality and evaluation of personal work and the work of subordinates, following the rules of professional ethics and public spirit.
  • D3 Will be able to find ways and means to improve the work of his or hers subordinates.

Personal Skills

  • E1 Will be able to determine learning requirements and independently learn in order to improve professional qualification in the context of learning for life.
  • E2 Will be able to use the knowledge of scientific research, the experience of research work, abilities of systemic and strategic thinking for independent scientific or professional work.
  • E3 Will be able to make innovative business management decisions, taking into account ethics and their possible impact on environment and society.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

Graduates of the Master study program in Business Management can work as researchers, consultants or managers of subdivisions or organizations in any business organizations.

Examination regulations, assessment, and grading

The University applies cumulative grading in order to ensure objective evaluation, active students’ participation during the semester and their ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. Cumulative grading final evaluation consists of interim course assignments (test, individual work, paper, laboratory work defense, etc.) and final exam grades. If the student fails the interim course assignments and does not make to transition grade−minimal grade of determined interim course assessments−he is not allowed to take the final exam. Each study program is completed by defending a final thesis (project) and (or) taking final exams.

Graduation requirements

Undergraduate and master student’s knowledge, skills and abilities, indicated in the study program description, are examined and evaluated during the public defense of his Final thesis. Final thesis by its nature can be scientific research or scientific-applied. Final thesis is analytical work based on independent scientific or applied research. A Bachelor’s thesis comprises 12 credits; Master’s thesis comprises 30 credits in the study program of 120 credits or 24 credits in the study program of 90 credits. Final thesis and its defence is to demonstrate student’s creativity and the ability to critically evaluate theoretical and practical innovations, as well as others’ previously carried out researches and their results; to indicate student’s knowledge in social and commercial environment, legislation, and financial capacity; to show information sourcing and its qualified analysis skills, computational methods and specialized software and general-purpose information technologies using skills, as well as the ability to clearly and correctly orally or in written present their research results and (or) product designed to different audiences.

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