Master of Business Administration in International Business


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Program Description

Program Objectives

Providing students with a wide background in business and management, an intercultural approach of the international development of companies, and a specialization in one of the three following areas:

  • Finance and banking management
  • Luxury management
  • Creative economy through innovation management



Management, finance, economics, and culture

The MBA program provides a road map for the acquisition of solidly grounded knowledge in a broad range of subjects that have significant implications for managerial decisions.

Professional advice, support, and guidance

This program includes regular follow-up to ensure the progress of each student, two interviews per semester to build up and strengthen the professional project of each student.

International teachers and experienced professionals

The academic advisory board has international experience working as business managers, teachers, or researchers. Together, they make sure that students focus their energies on what is relevant to their future careers. 

Jobs and Sectors

  • International business: project manager, sales executive, data analyst, human resources manager
  • Marketing: brand assistant, assistant marketing director, market research analyst
  • International finance: financial analyst, accountant executive, budget analyst

Admission Criteria

  • This program is aimed at students with a bachelor's degree or young professionals with at least three years of working experience. The main admission criteria are to hold a French or a foreign bachelor degree;
  • Each MBA student in First or Second year must hold the TOEFL, the TOEIC or IELTS;
  • The admission committee examines your application and gives its decision by email.

MBA Program

1st Year | 60 ECTS

  • Business economics: fundamentals of economics | business economics
  • French business culture: French culture and civilization | foreign languages | discovery of French business specificities (visit)
  • Fundamentals of management: organization and enterprise management | innovation management and digital transformation | humans resources and business strategy
  • Marketing concepts and principles: introduction to marketing | digital marketing | market research and analysis
  • Quantitative tools of management: applied mathematics for business | principles of financial accounting | financial statement analysis
  • Professional culture: workshop | business English/effective business writing | seminars
  • Applied computer science: concepts and methods | information system tools | supply chain management
  • French and European business culture: European culture and civilization | foreign languages | discovery of European business specificities (visit)
  • Entrepreneurship: entrepreneurship ecosystem | business plan conception and redaction | project management
  • Legal frameworks of business: principles of business law | labor law | contract and commercial law
  • Corporate finance: corporate finance | financial statement analysis II | managerial accounting
  • Professional culture: workshop | business communication | seminars
  • Professional career: internship (summer period)

2nd Year | 60 ECTS

Common core

  • Selling oneself: a guide to social networking | interview training | career success project
  • International business culture: international business culture | foreign languages | discovery of international business specificities (visit)
  • Professional culture: workshop | research methods for business | seminars
  • Professional career: internship (march-august) | MBA business research paper (march-august)

Elective Courses

Finance and banking management

  • Legal financial frameworks: international accounting issues | fiscal and financial policies in Europe | auditing and assurance services
  • Finance and investment banking: treasury /cash management | banking and financial services | the business of investment banks
  • Financial management: valuation of financial assets | asset pricing | foreign exchange management


Creative economy through innovation management

  • Corporate social responsibilities: principles of technologies for environmental protection | corporate social responsibility and sustainability | environmental law
  • Environmental management: carbon markets and carbon management (emerging countries) | sustainable management and geopolitics of hydrocarbons | social entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Energy economics: energy economics | environmental economics| renewables and energy-saving technologies


Luxury management

  • Strategy management of the luxury business: the historical evolution of the luxury industry | brand management | art and cultural management
  • Luxury marketing: digital luxury | luxury consumer behavior | distribution and retail
  • Luxury innovation: applied innovation theories | creative thinking and innovation | luxury design innovation


Applying for Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

Tuition fees for a bachelor program are 6280 € per school year and 7280 € for a master program per school year.

Applicants must pay an administration fee of 120€ (non‐refundable) before the application is processed.

Your application will be examined only once this fee is paid.

Please note this fee is different from the fees required by Campus France.

Last updated Jul 2020

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