The goal of the Master of Arts in Theological and Biblical Studies is to equip students to be competent in the major areas of academic inquiry which pertain to the Old Testament, New Testament, and Christian doctrine. The curriculum focuses on biblical languages, the basic components of the Christian tradition, and thesis development, as well as distinct and intensive tracks in biblical studies, historical/systematic theology, or an interdisciplinary combination of the two. Consequently, students who complete this degree are prepared for further research in Christian scholarship and possible endeavors in other master or doctoral programs.

Minimum Degree Requirements (36 Hours)


  • EMS 101 Personal Evangelism
  • GRK 201 Greek I
  • GRK 202 Greek II
  • HEB 301 Hebrew I
  • HEB 302 Hebrew II
  • NTS 101 New Testament Survey I
  • NTS 201 New Testament Survey II
  • OTS 101 Old Testament Survey I
  • OTS 201 Old Testament Survey II
  • THS 203 Systematic Theology I
  • THS 301 Systematic Theology II
  • THS 201 Church History
  • THS 202 Baptist History and Distinctives

Core Curriculum (12 Hours)

  • BIB 505 Biblical Hermeneutics
  • GRK 620 Greek Exegetical Syntax I
  • HEB 620 Hebrew Exegetical Method I
  • PHI 502 Philosophy of Religion

Biblical Theology Study (3 Hours)

  • One of the following:
  • NTS 602 New Testament Theology
  • OTS 602 Old Testament Theology

Research Studies (6 Hours)

  • RES 602 Thesis Research & Writing
  • RES 603 M.A. Thesis


  • ___ ___ Open Elective
  • ___ ___ Open Elective

Applied Studies

  • AMP 500 Applied Ministry Project (No Credit – Required every semester)
  • RES 601 Library Research Seminar (Required Seminar)

Theological And Biblical Studies Tracks (15 Hours)

Biblical Studies Track

Five of the following:

  • GRK 610 Greek Reading
  • GRK 630 Greek Exegetical Syntax II
  • HEB 610 Hebrew Reading
  • HEB 630 Hebrew Exegetical Method II
  • MIN 631 Preaching from the Old Testament
  • MIN 633 Preaching from the New Testament
  • NTS 510 New Testament Intensive*
  • NTS 715 Topics in New Testament
  • OTS 510 Old Testament Intensive*
  • OTS 715 Topics in Old Testament

*Courses may be repeated for different Bible books.

Systematic/Historical Theology Track

  • THS 550 Theology Intensive
  • THS 615 Patristic and Medieval Theology
  • THS 635 Prolegomena and Theological Method
  • THS 650 Reformation/Post-Reformation Theology
  • THS 665 Modern and Postmodern Theology

Interdisciplinary Studies Track

Any five courses chosen from Biblical Studies & Systematic/Historical Theology tracks.

*Graduate students need only take the degree prerequisites listed above, not the prerequisites for those classes listed in the undergraduate course descriptions. All degree prerequisites must be completed within the first 50% of coursework for the degree. Until degree prerequisites are satisfied, a prerequisite must be taken each semester in which a student is enrolled.

Program taught in:
  • English

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