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Master of Arts in Teaching

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Master of Arts in Teaching

The Master of Arts in Teaching Program (MAT) at Lake Forest College recommends graduates for initial teaching licenses in elementary, secondary and K- 12 education. Through the MAT Program, students can obtain both a master’s degree and Illinois teacher licensure simultaneously. This program is not appropriate for teachers who are already certified to teach in K-12 schools.

Our teacher licensure program has earned an excellent reputation for preparing knowledgeable, responsive, caring, and respected professional teachers.

As a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) student, you will:

  • Learn in small collaborative cohorts together with fellow students who are completing majors in various fields. It’s an interdisciplinary approach not found at other colleges;
  • Be guided by learned faculty and cooperating education professionals who provide individualized advising, mentorship, and assessment;
  • Work with student populations spanning the American racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic spectrum;
  • Get two classroom internships and practicums in school settings where you can hone teaching skills, not just one clinical experience like at most other colleges.

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program is suited for:

  • Individuals who have completed a B.A. at another institution (with a major in an area of study offered by Lake Forest College) or at Lake Forest College and seek teacher licensure;
  • Juniors or seniors at Lake Forest College who want to add a teaching degree to their majors;
  • First-year or sophomore students at Lake Forest College who want to complete licensure requirements in five years in order to complete additional elective courses, an additional minor concentration and/or a study abroad or off-campus program during their first four years of study;
  • Transfer students who wish to become a teacher and have enough credits to graduate in four years, but will need another year to complete required coursework for teacher licensure.

Foundational Coursework Required

  • EDUC 210 Observing the Schooling
  • EDUC 215 Instructional Communication: Theory and Practice
  • PSYC 210 Developmental Psychology
  • EDUC 220/244/239 Foundations of Education course
  • Content Area Course (post-BA) or Content major (3/2)

MAT Coursework Required

  • EDUC 403: Reading in the Elementary School or EDUC 413: Reading in the Content Areas
  • EDUC 404: Elementary Fieldwork and Seminar or EDUC 415: Middle School Fieldwork and Seminar
  • EDUC 414 Inclusive Learning Environments
  • EDUC 501 Introduction to Teacher Research
  • EDUC 516: Curriculum and Instruction in the Elementary School: Content-Area Literacy and Social Studies or EDUC 520: Discipline-Specific Secondary Curriculum and Instructional Design or EDUC 522: Discipline-Specific K-12 Curriculum and Instructional Design
  • EDUC 517: Curriculum and Instruction in the Elementary Schools: Math and Science or EDUC 519: Secondary Curriculum and Instructional Design
  • EDUC 518: Elementary Student Teaching and Seminar or EDUC 521: Secondary Student Teaching and Seminar (12 hours)
  • EDUC 502 Teacher Action Research Project (1 hour)
  • EDUC 506: Teaching Adolescent Students (middle school endorsement for elementary candidates only)

37 hours of coursework (41 hours for middle school endorsement), in addition to foundational coursework*

6 MAT courses, plus student teaching, and action research project

*additional content courses may be required depending on transcript review


The basic requirements are:

  • 37 credit hours (9.25 courses) of coursework in elementary, secondary or K-12 licensure [41 credit hours (10.25 courses) for adding middle school endorsement with elementary licensure]
  • A minimum of four semesters of course work, including fieldwork internship and student teaching placements in local public schools. (Additional courses may be required according to transcript and portfolio evaluation.)
  • Completion of an electronic portfolio at four required checkpoints containing student created artifacts and reflective essays.
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