Master of Arts in Strategic Design


Program Description

Strategic Design

Master of Arts (in English)

Our Master’s degree program Strategic Design focuses on the systematic study of the relationships and interactions between ideas, people, brands, and space, building a coherent set of designed decisions to effectively tackle challenges.

With special emphasis on developing strong research and synthesis skills for brand innovation, our master study program prepares designers to strategically approach and deal with complex problems, build solid interdisciplinary as well as intercultural communication skills and learn to co-create with other design stakeholders. It equips students with the skills and expertise to work and lead on the strategy, design, brand, research & development sectors of the creative and innovation industry.


Start of the courses: 1st of October

Duration: 4 semesters (two years)

Form of studies: full-time

Credit Points: 120 ECTS

Degree: Master of Arts

Fees: 900 Euro/month

Language of instruction: English

Intercultural communication

Come and study in the creative heart of Berlin

The field of design is changing drastically, expanding from a profession concerned with the creation of objects and appearances to one that will strategically transform and affect every aspect of daily life. In a complex competitive world powered by ideas and innovations, private and public institutions have strategically place this new, broader understood design practice, at the center of their brand, in order to creatively respond to new challenges, research business opportunities and offer meaningful transformations. Berlin is right at the center of all these changes, the place where the creative and business industry meet and power the new arts, innovations and social changes of today and tomorrow, the perfect strategic context for studying and developing a life career path.

Globally networked communication

Integrated Thinking

This consecutive course is specially designed for those who have successfully completed a first degree in the field of Communication Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, Packaging Design, Art or Architecture and who want to integrate and enhance their existing professional skills with well thought creative processes, design methodologies, strategic knowledge and leadership skills.

Masters: Strategic Design

Admission and funding

Admission is granted in accordance with German university admission regulations and the regulations for the Master’s degree program in Strategic Design at design academy Berlin, Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design.

It requires a Bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent in accordance with German university admission regulations) in Communication Design or another design-related discipline. The admission procedure includes a personal interview with the program director (it can be held via Skype) and the assessment of the portfolio. The portfolio should contain 15 to 20 works of your own.

Please submit first your written application and your portfolio. After of your application has been reviewed, we will invite you to the interview.

The program starts every winter semester. The regular duration of the study program is two years (four semesters). You can apply as early as one year in advance for the winter semester. Application deadline is September 1st, for international students who need to apply for a study visa the deadline is September 1st.

Last updated Aug 2018

About the School

The design akademie berlin, SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design, equips the next generation of experts and leaders in Communication, Marketing, Advertising and Design.

The design akademie berlin, SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design, equips the next generation of experts and leaders in Communication, Marketing, Advertising and Design. Read less