Master of Arts in Printmaking


Program Description

This new Fine Arts Master Course arises from the need to consolidate the important relationship between the classic and the innovative that, for twenty years, has been the core of the RUFA Fine Art program.

The international profile of the course includes a culturally diverse working community.

In this course you will continually engage with what it means to practice as an artist today, testing and challenging your individual practice, in relation to art history and its contemporary vision in wider cultural and social systems.

This course will introduce you to a contemporary critical context starting from an important Italian artistic tradition.

In order to investigate the art disciplines with an extensive approach, a full immersion week with international artists is planned monthly. Six experiences, every teaching year, are designed to strengthen self-reflection, ambition, and motivation of your practice and your leading ideas.

A specific lecture program is designed to approach in a wider way your learning of references relating to contemporary art.

Designed by Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London) tutor Umberto Giovannini.

You will learn to respond to all manner of requests within the context of arts and graphics, relying on your ability to understand and recognize the beauty and then recreate it using a series of specific techniques and technologies.

A world of possibility to express art and creativity.

Within the RUFA academic structure, the two-year Printmaking degree is part of the Visual Arts Department, the branch of academic studies in RUFA that houses the interaction between the Fine Arts disciplines, creating new synergies between them.

At RUFA the new contemporary artist is born, able to express oneself through multiple Fine Art expressions whether they are graphic, painterly, transformational or technological.

Printmaking, beauty, and technique.

The MA Printmaking degree was designed by RUFA to combine a high level of academic preparation with technique, culture, art, and technological knowledge, which are the basic elements of any professional preparation in Graphic and Fine Arts.

The areas in which Printmaking can be applied is practically infinite, and the Printmaking Degree aims to prepare its students to face all possible requests in the field of art and graphics, using their ability to recognize artistic esthetic and to reproduce it using specific techniques and targeted technology.

Modern technology to innovate ancient material.

Printmaking is a noble and formal discipline, based on ancient principles and methods. RUFA has coupled these with new technological studies that together will amplify the student’s professional horizons once they have completed their studies.

Thanks to a course of study with a wide variety of technological and critical subjects, such as photography, experimental tracing technique, and phenomenology of contemporary art, the two-year degree supplies students with a solid base in traditional and innovative methodologies.

Printmaking to work and to create.

Publishing, graphics, photography, communication, catalog and art book production, multimedia installation design, artistic and conceptual direction, competence in painting, sculpture, and decoration: these and many other areas are possible fields of work for the graduate of Printmaking at RUFA. Their profile is that of an artist and a professional, rich in talent and manual ability, able to apply their know-how to a variety of environments in the field of art, communication, and publishing.

By graduating in Printmaking you will be able to become: Artist, Art mediator, Curator, Cultural manager, Art Handler, Lecturer.

Academy Degrees are equivalent to Master’s university degrees.

*The course is available only in the English language

Coordinator: Umberto Giovannini.

Lecturers: Gianna Bentivenga, Romolo Bulla, Fabrizio Dell’Arno, Davide Dormino, Umberto Giovannini, Marta Jovanovic, Sarah Linford, Alida Massari.

Masterclass con Visiting Professor: Anusc Castiglioni, Thomas Gosebruch, Nick Morley.

MA in Printmaking – Suggested training program – Visual Arts Department

Year Subject CFA Hours
I Year Iconography & anatomical drawing 8 100
Engraving techniques - Graphic arts 1 12 150
Art printmaking 8 100
Illustration 6 75
Painting 6 75
Performative techniques 6 75
Psychology of art 6 45
Pedagogy and art teaching 6 45
Internship/workshop 2 /
II Year Photography 8 100
Engraving techniques - Graphic arts 2 12 150
Experimental plate engraving techniques 6 75
Phenomenology of contemporary arts 6 45
Digital image processing 6 75
Internship / workshop 6 /
Optional subject 6 /
Thesis 10 /
Total credits 120

Admission to the Master of Arts programs

To be admitted to the Master of Arts programs you will need to submit:

  • Bachelor’s Degree. Recognized through a “Declaration of Value in Loco (DV)” and legalization of the qualification (to be requested at the Italian Embassy / Consulate of your Country).
  • A certificate stating that you have an adequate level of Italian or English (depending on if you wish to attend an MA in Italian or English), achieved over the last 10 years. If you have achieved your qualification in an English/Italian speaking Country, or if the program you attended was in English/Italian you may not be required to submit a language certification.
  • For non-EU students: a study visa is required to attend the Academic programs. Students must send a copy of their residence permit/residence permit request to the International students' office 8 days after arriving in Italy.

Students are also required to pass an admission test.

Deadlines regarding admission

Deadline to apply for the test

  • First session: 16 January 2020
  • Second session: 16 April 2020
  • Third session: 4 June 2020
  • Fourth session: 10 September 2020
  • Fifth session: 1 October 2020

Admission test

  • First session: 20-24 January 2020
  • Second session: 18 April 2020
  • Third session: 8-12 June 2020
  • Fourth session: 14-15 September 2020
  • Fifth session: 5-6 October 2020

Direct enrollment deadline

  • 1 October 2020
Last updated Nov 2019

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