Franklin University Switzerland is accredited in both the United States and Switzerland.

That means that your degree is truly international, with automatic validity in two countries, and that you have an advantage to pursuing an international career or furthering your study in the US or Switzerland. The doors opened by a Franklin education go far beyond these two countries, though, and most countries in the world will grant equivalence to a Franklin degree if you have your sights set elsewhere.

Franklin maintains this recognition through periodic quality assurance reviews by authorities from the US and Switzerland.

Where Our Graduates Go

Employers look for candidates with a reliable skill set, and Franklin students have it! Within a year of graduation, 95% of our students obtain full-time employment in a wide variety of sectors, as shown in the graphic. At Franklin, you’ll get the education you need and acquire the skills employers want.

Since we began in 1970, there are now over 7,000 alumni already making a difference in their home towns, and in new, exciting locations around the globe. Let FUS help you get where you want to go.

Just listen to what our alumni have to say.