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The School of Arts offers English-language master programmes in the visual arts, audiovisual arts and music. Each year, dozens of foreign students choose the master programmes of our faculty to continue their studies. The presence of students from different international backgrounds is an enrichment for our educational tradition and provides an added value to the training of foreign master students and Flemish students moving on from the Dutch-language bachelor programmes alike.

The programmes are organized so as to facilitate encounters between Dutch-speaking and English-speaking students in informal contexts, in seminars and courses, and even in artistic projects, they start up together. There are no differences in curricula, competencies, learning outcomes or organization between the English-language programmes and their Dutch-language counterparts. English-speaking candidates holding a master’s degree in music can also go in for the advanced master ‘soloist contemporary music’.

Orientation tests for the master and bridging programmes

For access to the master programmes there is an annual selection procedure in spring, and one in summer. Below you will find the information brochure with an application form for the orientation tests. Read through this brochure carefully; you will find descriptions and practical information there as well as the deadlines to observe. Candidates for a master or bridging programme must register first. Upon registration, candidates will receive the application form to complete. Each December the information relating to the orientation tests for the next year will also appear here. The learning path coaches will be glad to provide you with additional information.

Master of Audiovisual Arts

Study Programmes

  • Performing music: classical music (intr/voice)
  • Performing music: classical music (voice)
  • Performing music: jazz (instr/voice)
  • Performing music: pop (instr/voice)
  • Composing music: composition
  • Composing music: music production


On successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • analyse, interpret and assess their own compositions or music productions, music performances, instruments, views on their field of study and those of others;
  • interpret and situate their own compositions or music productions, music performances, instruments, views on their field of study and those of others in a broad historical and contemporary, cultural and artistic framework;
  • create and maintain an inspiring and functional working environment;
  • show a profound wish to develop as musicians, instrument makers or music theorists;
  • show the desire to acquire and to realise composition, music-production and instrument-making assignments, or to acquire and realise assignments as a performing musician;
  • make a sizeable artistic contribution to the musical group process, including the musical creative process, as well as the creation of a music production, or seek to acquire and realise assignments related to building musical instruments;
  • be in charge of, and/or cooperate in, the music production process or the musical group process in a musical instrument construction workshop.

On successful completion of this programme, students who opt for the specialisation Composing Music should moreover be able to:

  • with the necessary help, express themselves in a personal and artistically superior manner, based on their own artistic views and understanding, in a music performance assigned beforehand;
  • choose or develop a personal and effective method for musical research, music production or music composition and apply that method.

The master of music comprises two specialisations

  • Composing music
  • Performing music

The specialisation track Composing Music offers two specialisations

  • Composing music, composition
  • Composing music, music production

The specialisation track Performing Music has two specialisations:

  • Performing music , classical music
  • Performing music, jazz/pop

Access to Further Education

A Master of Arts (MA) of Music is directly connected with the Bachelor of Arts (BA) of Music and can gain access to related Master programs after the successful completion of a preparatory program (PP):

  • Advanced Master of Arts Soloist Contemporary Music
  • Advanced Master of Science in Conflict and Development
  • Master of Arts Soloist Contemporary Music (MaM)
  • Master of Science in Communication Science: Communication Management (PP)
  • Master of Science in Communication Science: Film- and Television Studies (PP)
  • Master of Science in Communication Science: Journalism (PP)
  • Master of Science in Communication Science: New Media and Society (PP)
  • Master of Science in EU-Studies (PP)
  • Master of Science in Political Science (PP)
  • Master of Science in Sociology (PP)
  • Master of Science of Culture Management (PP)
  • Teacher Certification in Music

Application Guidelines Master in Music / Advanced Master in Music

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