Master of Arts in Governance and Leadership (MA GL)

The Open University Of Tanzania

Program Description

Master of Arts in Governance and Leadership (MA GL)

The Open University Of Tanzania

The rationale behind establishing the Master of Arts Program in Governance and Leadership is based on the environing political and economic crises in Tanzania in particular and Africa in general, which are indicative of the lack governance and leadership skills herein. The recurrence of intra- and inter-ethnic clashes, clashes within the communities and political organizations, cases of graft and corruption, and mismanagement of public resources have been very rampant. The Department, therefore, finds it imperative to intervene and contribute to alleviating those sociopolitical and economic anomalies in terms of research and training by offering a Master of Arts program in Governance and Leadership (MAGL).

Educational Aims of the Program

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Train (potential) leaders and managers on the best and participatory way to work in the government and communities
  • Generate knowledge and information that will permit local leaders to make informed decisions
  • Encourage a high degree of local participation in making well informed economic choices
  • Assist in building sustainable institutions that will assure equitable sharing of the benefits of those choices
  • Build capacity among practitioners working in communities

Admission Requirements

Candidates holding the following qualifications are eligible for admission into the MA-GL Program:

  1. An Honors degree in any field of study.
  2. An advanced diploma from any recognized institution with second class or above with working experience of at least two years in community economic development related fields.

Program Design

Master of Arts is an 18 –month, 18 units (180 TCU credits) program. Each student is required to undertake four (4) core courses and at least two (2) elective courses. The program is offered through a cycle of three trimesters. Each trimester is composed of two courses with six parts each to be covered in twelve weeks. The course undertaking in a trimester depends on the teaching timetable, but students are advised to start doing their research works in the second trimester during which the Advanced Research Methodology course is taught, and have another four months to work on a dissertation.

Program Structure

Course Title Units Status
OPS 601 Advanced Political Theory 2 Core
OPS 602 Leadership, Governance and Development 2 Core
OPS 603 Advanced Research Methodology 2 Core
OPS 604 Leadership Ethics and Public Accountability 2 Core
OPS 605 Political Parties, Democracy, and Elections 2 Elective
OPS 606 Organization Behaviour 2 Elective
OPS 607 Advanced Public Policy Analysis 2 Elective
OPS 608 Strategic and Human Resource Management 2 Elective
OPS 609 Advanced Public Administrative Law 2 Elective
OPS 699 Masters Dissertation 6 Core
Total Units 18

Mode of Delivery

The program is offered through blended/hybrid mode based on the analysis of theoretical texts, cases, and interactive face-to-face and e-learning platform known as Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (MOODLE).

Assessment Strategy

Students are assessed through a term paper, participation in MOODLE discussion fora, and Final Examination. Assessment explores candidate’s ability to analyze issues and make arguments on the subject matter.


The dissertation is an independent study done by the student under supervision. Each candidate is allocated a supervisor with whom he/she shall have regular contacts during the period of research. A candidate has to undertake an applied research in any area related to Governance and Leadership under the themes to be proposed by the Department, and submit a dissertation of approximately 15,000- 20,000 words as partial fulfillment of the award of Master of Arts degree in Governance and Leadership. In evaluating the dissertation, the approved regulations of the Open University of Tanzania regarding dissertation apply. The mode of evaluation for the dissertation comprises 100% and is evaluated independently.

Before the candidate is allowed to proceed with the thesis research phase of the Master's program, the candidate must successfully complete the coursework part with a mean overall grade of “B” or above (i.e. GPA of at least 3.0) in all chosen/pursued core courses listed.


  • A Candidate who fails in only one of the courses undertaken in a trimester is allowed to sit for a supplementary examination.
  • A candidate who fails in a repeated subject will be deregistered from the MA-GL.
  • A candidate whose overall grade point is below a “B” (i.e. below GPA OF 3.0) in the coursework part shall be discontinued from studies.

Final Award/Graduation Requirements

The minimum pass mark for any course is “B” or 50%. Candidates, who successfully complete the required units and dissertation, qualify for approval by Senate of the Open University of Tanzania, for the award of Masters of Arts in Governance and Leadership (MAGL) degree. The MAGL degree is not classified.

Cost & Fees

Non Tuition Fees

Application fee 30,000 30 30
Registration fee 50,000 100 100
ID processing 20,000 20 20
Student Organization fee (paid annually) 20,000 20 20
Quality assurance fee (paid annually) 20,000 20 40
Coursework Examination fee per paper 20,000 40 60
Plagiarism fee 20,000 20 20

Tution Fee per Unit for Taught Masters Programs

Blended mode 220,000 100 200
Facilitation fee 50 50
Dissertation fee 220,000 100 200

Note: Facilitation is meant to cater for taxes, levies, postage cost, courier services, and phone call charges.This fee is also paid by Tanzanians residing outside Tanzania.

Other Recommended Direct Student Cost For Masters by Coursework/Dissertation Students

Research/Field Costs & Consultations 1,500,000 1,000
Books 300,000 300
Stationery 100,000 100
Dissertation production 300,000 300
TOTAL 2,200,000 1,700
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