Master of Arts in Economics


Program Description

Master of Arts in Economics

The Economics master’s program provides students with the knowledge required for entry-level or mid-level positions conducting economic analysis and forecasting within industry or government. Courses are selected to allow students to be well prepared for these as well as related alternatives.

Students pursue the master’s degree by following one of three different tracks. Each track is designed with a different objective, though the choice of one over the other does not close any option the student may later want to pursue. Markets may rise and fall, but our graduates remain ahead.


Track I prepares the student for a doctoral program. It mirrors the first year of courses for the Ph.D. in Economics. Students have the ability to proceed into the Ph.D. program upon completion of the requirements for the master's degree. Alternatively, this track is excellent preparation for study in doctoral programs at other universities. This degree program requires 30 hours of coursework.

Track II is for students who want to prepare for a career for which they apply the skills of economic analysis. These jobs are typically in the financial sector, government agencies or industry.

EC 570 Introduction to Mathematical Economics should be completed prior to entry into the master’s program in the fall. For students who have not completed this course or its equivalent, this class is usually offered during summer school and also as an intensive three-week course in August. The course is intended primarily for students entering the Ph.D. program in the fall, but it would serve the needs of master's students as well. Completing this course prior to the fall semester allows students to complete their degree program in a timely fashion. This program requires 27 hours of coursework.

Track III: The set of courses enhances students’ understanding of the core concepts in microeconomics and macroeconomics, as well as enhancing students’ skills in understanding and analyzing policy issues. Students also gain quantitative skills through coursework in econometrics and economic forecasting. This degree program requires 30 hours of coursework.


We welcome applications from all undergraduate majors and all work experience levels. We seek to admit a diverse group of students with unique backgrounds, experiences, and goals. As such, there are no specific class prerequisites for the Manderson programs. Our prerequisites are few but our expectations are many, including a dedication to excellence, a rigorous pursuit of goals, an innovative mind, and a resolve to be at the forefront of what is current and relevant to the modern enterprise.

Work Experience

Experience is important to the dynamic of Manderson’s learning environment. Typically more than 60% of each entering class has significant prior work experience. The program also has a niche group of approximately 40% high achieving students with little or no prior work experience. No matter your prior work experience, Manderson gives you experience for the future.


Online Application.

Statement of Purpose/Intent Essay

You have the option to electronically submit your essay after finishing your online application. This is the most efficient means of submitting your essay. Statements of purpose turned in digitally must be submitted to the graduate application center.

Official GMAT or GRE Scores

Manderson programs accept either the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Applicants should take either exam and request that scores be submitted electronically to The University of Alabama, which may be done immediately following the completion of the exam. We accept only official score reports from ETS or Pearson VUE that are less than five years old. Official scores must be received before we can evaluate your application.

Official Undergraduate Transcripts

The Graduate School office requires two official transcripts from each undergraduate institution that you have attended. Even if you were/are a UA undergraduate, you still must submit two official transcripts before your file can be reviewed. The registrar should sign across the seal on the back of each transcript envelope.


A fee of $250.00 will be imposed on each graduate course taken. A business school technology fee is assessed at the rate of $11 per credit hour. Other fees (parking, student health services, housing, etc.) are not included in this estimate.

Students enrolled in the Enterprise Consulting concentration are required to register for a class offered in the interim term (the three-week period between spring semester and the summer internship).

Full-time enrollment for graduate students is 9–15 hours per regular semester. An overload fee is assessed for each credit hour in excess of the full-time tuition schedule.


All admission candidates are automatically considered for all available awards, with award decisions based on the merits of each application. No additional forms or applications are required. Students whose applications are received by the early admission application deadline of January 5, or no later than the February 15 priority admission deadline, have the greatest chance of receiving financial assistance through the Manderson program. Manderson consistently awards at least 50 percent of our students with some type of scholarship, assistantship or fellowship.

Last updated Jan 2018

About the School

Why choose Manderson? Put simply: we offer our students a competitive edge in a competitive market. More than ever, professionals see a comprehensive but practical graduate degree as a prerequisite fo ... Read More

Why choose Manderson? Put simply: we offer our students a competitive edge in a competitive market. More than ever, professionals see a comprehensive but practical graduate degree as a prerequisite for a better career and a competitive advantage. As our master's program continues to excel at the national level, we are attracting the best and brightest students. Our master's programs provide the curriculum and academic knowledge of the country's best universities. Students graduating from the master's programs are more prepared and more able to stand out in an increasingly crowded workforce. Manderson programs cover every financial modicum from accounting and tax accounting to the many forms of operational management, promoting a multidisciplinary approach that creates as much diversity among student learning as among Manderson's student body. Manderson is constantly rethinking what a business school can offer its students. Today's enterprises are moving fast. To keep up, a dynamic master's program that anticipates the future of business is your best for today. Read less