Master of Arts in Costume & Alta Moda – Couture Design


Program Description



The Master of Arts in Costume Design & Alta Moda – Couture Design is aimed at training professionals and academics by reproducing two of the aspects that are at the basis of the story of Accademia: Costume Design and Alta Moda (Haute Couture), the pillars on which, both for geographical and cultural reasons, the Italian Fashion System was born.

The development of this study path follows a contemporary logic, with the purpose to develop a multiplicity of competences in constant analysis, combining an advanced technical preparation to research, interdisciplinarity and project methodology needed to prepare young professionals able to create innovative representative worlds coherent with the challenges of the future.

The knowledge of History of Costume, the ability to interpret characters in a historical and contemporary frame, the sartorial competence needed to develop the project in different settings (theatre, ballet, opera, cinema, television) represent essential pillars for those who wish to investigate and analyze the contemporary language of fashion.


The first year is focused on theory and techniques typical of this area. Theoretical and cultural competences, technical laboratories, understanding of the budget implications in the project development compose the study path in order to train the student to the analysis and complete methodology of the design process. The student will have the possibility to express, through projects in partnership with real productions and in collaboration with professional teachers, their personal interpretation of the characters and the scenic construction of the costumes in a realistic frame.

The second year combines ideally a future-oriented vision of this discipline through intensive laboratories in which the project methodology of the students is nourished by theoretical notions and put into practice by the creation of research projects and dressmaking. History of Fashion and of Haute Couture, latest trends in visual arts, competences in the research for the contemporary, all contribute to build a synergy with theoretical-practical courses in the shape of real research and creativity laboratories aimed at creating a project methodology of large-scale, often in collaboration with the most important brands of this field at an international level.

During the second year, students will also improve their competences in the application of graphic software and of business logic and organization oriented to the Fashion Industry.

At the end of the second year, students will develop a final work in which all the competences acquired will be put into place according to a personal interpretation.


The course is accredited by the Italian Ministry Of Education, University and Research,

At the end of the course, students who meet the Entry Requirements will receive a Master of Arts Diploma (120 ECTS).


In order to guarantee the quality of the course, admission is limited to a fixed number of students every year.

For this reason, we suggest interested students send their application within June. In case of delayed applications, we invite applicants to contact the Counseling Office of Accademia Costume e Moda.

To apply for the course, it is necessary to send curriculum, motivational letter, and portfolio which will be evaluated by our Director of Education and pass the admission interview.


The course duration is two academic years and attendance is mandatory however to be accepted at the final assessments students must have at least 80% proven attendance.

Entry Requirements

Course participants must be in possession of a relevant degree in Fashion Design from either an Italian institution (a 3-year degree minimum requirement, 180 credits) or an international University or College (Bachelor’s Degree).

Students must also have a B1 level of Italian or 5.0 IELTS of English certification.

Last updated Jul 2019

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