The Master of Arts (M.A.) for Non-Business Graduate Program is a 5-semester program designed to enter into the world of business, enabling you to pursue a broader range of careers in business. Consisting of courses in finance, international marketing, management accounting, operations, ethics, organizational behavior and human resources, the program prepares you to excel in an ever-evolving and international workplace.

All courses are taught in English, with a range of teaching methodologies which are reminiscent of undergraduate teachings such as presentations and group projects coupled with real-world examples and case studies.

The program provides a scope for greater specialization, with a precise academic and theoretical framework designed to help you become an expert in international management. This allows you to apply to more specialized roles and offers better preparation for a Ph.D. program in the future.

Some of the courses of the curriculum are as follows:

Principles of Marketing (BUS120) – 90 Hrs, 3 ECTS

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an introduction into strategic and operational marketing concepts along the avenue to the customer. The course is the fundament for all following marketing courses. Students will be taught to make marketing decisions within a challenging market environment.

Principles of Human Resources (BUS130) – 90 Hrs, 3 ECTS

Human resource management is a fundamentally important component in the general management education. Participants will be guided through the main areas of modern human resource management. The course emphasizes the modern fundamentals of human resource management and brings the theory to life with contemporary examples.

Financial Accounting (AFM110) – 150 Hrs, 5 ECTS

The course objective is to introduce the student to the concepts of accounting, considering the special requirements of the industry. The course will provide an introduction to theory and practice in the preparation and interpretation of general financial statements including the development and analysis of accounting information for external reporting requirements.

Principles of Academic Writing (AR110) – 60 Hrs, 4 ECTS

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the area of general business research methods. It gives students an assessment of the contexts within which different methods may be used and how they should be implemented. It covers both quantitative and qualitative research and assesses the significance of this distinction.

Intercultural Communications (ORG110) – 60 Hrs, 2 ECTS

Intercultural Communication explores the nature and dimension of culture and how it impacts interpersonal interactions in a cross-cultural context. The course considers culture-specific forms and strategies of intercultural communication in the context of specific approaches to issues of management and leadership, conflict resolution, forms of motivation, delegation and feedback, multicultural team dynamics and staff training.

Service Operations & Organizations (BUS110) – 120 Hrs, 4 ECTS

This introductory course seeks to provide students with a broad conceptual and practical understanding of the fundamental differences between goods and services, and the consequent challenges and opportunities for service organizations in creating and managing the service experience.

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