Master of Arts in Acting


Program Description


The course to offer an intensive classical training to students of acting and actor. Entry to the course is by application.

Eutheca Acting Cours may be particularly suited to those wishing to study Commedia dell’Arte, Narrative theater - Theatre Storytelling and Acting of the theatre-making process. Challenging and intense, this course is for international actors who wish to develop their craft through an in-depth exploration of the classical canon.


  • comprehension of playwright's work considered not only in the history of european theatre context but how it is applied in the contemporary one and generally related to the actor’s work.
  • assimilate rudimental swordplay and scenic combat.
  • develop an understanding vocal instrument at an individual level, how it relates to stage work and the demands of the writer and director
  • develop note finding and listening skills and explore the nature of the philosophy of choral singing.
  • find and maintain the center: improvised movement and the actor’s control of the body, control, and balance imperative.
  • armed and unarmed combat for the stage. Learn the techniques of focus and the necessity to act in order to achieve reality.
  • learn physical communication and interaction


  • greater autonomy of the actor's work
  • improved techniques for scenic combat
  • improve vocal instrument at an individual level
  • improvement of the improvisation techniques
  • understand the essential difference between the acting and the stage script

Professional Preparation

The MA in Acting specializes professionals in performing arts internationally. Since they will have most developed, diversified skills in order to face different working contexts, they will have also acquired specialized skills and an international attitude to the production market.

They will have acquired the skills necessary to do research and experimental; furthermore they will have acquired knowledge regarding the improvisation in the drama theater with artistic awareness and excellent technical skills; they will be able to develop dramaturgically an intuition, an idea, to confer to the intuition itself the written form more suited to a scenic realization.


Master of Arts in Acting:

The students who complete the Master profitably, achieve, simultaneously both the Eutheca Diploma and the Master of Arts in Acting, title recognized and awarded by the University of Wales.


This course is for international students with a BA or BFA degree or equivalent. Students without a first degree must demonstrate a comparable level of knowledge and experience gained in a professional company or at a vocational drama school.

FEES FOR 2016/2017

The tuition fee for this course is €.25.000,00.


  • Fees for each term must be paid in advance and no later than the date specified in the student’s offer letter. Any student who is in arrears with regard to his/her fees will not be able to progress with their training until all outstanding monies owed to EUTHECA are paid. Students who have not paid fees in full prior to completing their program of study will have their degree withheld until such payments are made.
  • Students, in exceptional circumstances, intending to leave EUTHECA must give at least one full term's notice in writing of such intention to the Academic Office. Students will be liable for fees throughout the notice period (e.g. if a student leaves halfway through the autumn term, they are liable for the remainder of the fees for that term and the full fees for the following spring term).

In the unlikely event that EUTHECA is compelled to close due to a force majeure, no fees can be returned nor compensation made for any period of tuition that may have been lost through the Academy’s inability to carry on its work as a result of circumstances beyond its control.

Last updated Jan 2018

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EUTHECA - The European Union Academy of Theatre and Cinema and the Academy of higher education in the arts of Theatre of Cinema with headquarters in Rome. EUTHECA is a point of reference in Italy, for the training and preparation of actors wanting to embark on an international career. Read less