Master of Arts and Design

John Naisbitt University

Program Description

Master of Arts and Design

John Naisbitt University

The main objective of the Master of Arts and Design study program at the Faculty of Art and Design, is the development of knowledge, implementation and development of the artistic skills of students through the Master work. With the help of a mentor, students develop their scientific and artistic skills through lectures, workshops, study trips and various presentations.

Study program is a two-semester interdisciplinary theoretical continuation of undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Arts and Design, directed towards acquiring the necessary education for deeper understanding of the postulates and standards in the field of contemporary art and design, and creative phenomenon and their changing through creativity, in line with modern technological or visual demands of the market.

Degree (academic title)

Master applied artist.


  • Candidates eligible to apply to the master studies must have representational works in their related module studies.
  • Students should confirm the knowledge of business English by submitting a valid certificate or to take the exam before the Committee. The Committee is composed of three English language teaches employed at John Naisbitt University. The Committee may on the basis of Certificate of passed exams in English allow the student not to take the test.
  • Students must also submit a short resume and a cover letter.
  • The number of students who can enrol is 15.

*The program requires a Serbian language pre-course, which is organized by the Center for career development, consueling and life-long learning within the University.

The course lasts for two months from end August till October, and it costs 350EUR.


Industrial Design

At the Department of Industrial Design, students are actively working on acquiring new knowledge and techniques of the product design. The program has been adapted to modern methods of training and fully monitored to school and production standards. The Department has adequate software of the latest generation and very well equipped workshop, where students can fully experience the process of making products from concept to final realization.

Graphic Design

For students of graphic design, you will have the opportunity to learn everything from traditional forms of design: graphic books, illustration, packaging and poster, to the most current Web Design, Animations, and Animated design (Motion Design) and video combined with animation, which represent the present and future designs. Learn to draw, take pictures, shoot, animate, edit video, create websites, and more.

Interior Design

In the section educate creative professionals in the fields of design, construction and equipping of interior space and furniture design. This module is designed with a focus on the study of objects and spaces that make up the environment, enabling students to the theory and practice gain adequate experience in the implementation of projects. The architecture of buildings and architecture of the interior space, as inseparable spatial areas beyond simply and unilaterally design living environment. Modern practice in interior design encompasses a wide range of skills and disciplines.

Fashion Design

Department Fashion Design provides high-quality knowledge in the field of contemporary textiles and clothing, in line with the modern directions of development of this global industry. The compound of general and art, technical and technological knowledge as well as knowledge management in this field, guiding the program that makes the content of this complex study. In this section educate creative professionals in equal areas of textiles and clothing as an inseparable whole. Through the development of creativity, students are trained for individual and team work.

Art Direction

Department scenography aims to train students for future work on a complete design stage space for film, theater and television. Practical work through exercises, project development, presentations, studies, knowledge of materials and their application in the development of set design, accompanying phenomena of color, light and others. Students can allow visits and attending immediate implementation of major projects in the field: workshops, rehearsals, dress rehearsals, film studios, and work on the construction of facilities in the exterior and the interior, visits to specialized workshops, ateliers important set designer.

Set design or design stage space, is an integral part of the film, or theater work. Set Designer creates a complete visual identity of the project in collaboration with director and producer. Set designer has high drawing skills: making sketches, drawings, studies, Descriptive Geometry. Studies students are able to articulate with full responsibility and successfully implement their ideas.

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This course is Campus based
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Start date
Oct. 2019
1 year
Full time
6,000 EUR
Serbia - Belgrade, City of Belgrade
Start date : Oct. 2019
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Oct. 2019
Serbia - Belgrade, City of Belgrade
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