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Master of Applied Computer Science

Saint Xavier University

Master of Applied Computer Science

The Master of Applied Computer Science (MACS) program is designed to further students' understanding of the computing technologies shaping our world today and to prepare students for sustaining a life-long contribution to a technology-related career. The MACS program provides students with a theoretical and practical understanding of important areas in the computing field.

This program may be completed in two semesters by completing 16 credit hours each semester, or in three to four semesters by spreading the courses over a longer period. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree may be completed by taking an additional 24 graduate credit hours from the Graham School of Management, which can be completed in one additional year.

Five-Year Option

Get a bachelor's and master's degree in just five years!

The Department of Computer Science is excited to announce this new option for all incoming freshmen.

You can

Complete the requirements for the Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) or Bachelor of Arts (Computer Studies) and in the fourth year take two graduate level courses in computing that will count for eight hours towards the general electives in your bachelor’s degree and also eight hours towards your master’s degree.

In the fifth year, you take 24 hours (six courses) of graduate courses to complete the master’s degree.

You may also delay graduating with the bachelor’s degree until the end of the fifth year, and then graduate with both the master’s and bachelor’s degrees at the same time. This is an advantage because although you will be taking graduate courses, SXU will consider you to be an undergraduate and not only charge you undergraduate tuition but also allow you to use your financial aid package in the fifth year. However, since every student’s situation is different, you should check with the Financial Aid Office before making this decision.

Entrance Requirements

The MACS program is designed for students with a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field. However, a student with a non-computer-related degree may substitute relevant work experience as a prerequisite for entry into the program. College graduates who have not worked or studied in a computing field may become eligible for the program by addressing their deficiencies, either by taking courses at Saint Xavier University prior to their enrollment in the program (a conditional acceptance will be considered) or by providing documentation that they have completed similar courses at another institution. Students wishing to pursue this option should consult with the program director.

Students with no experience in programming will be required to gain proficiency in one programming language (for example, Visual Basic, C, Java or C++) prior to acceptance into the program. In some cases, a student may be required to complete an introductory computing course. Please contact the program director for advice on fulfilling these requirements.

Program Requirements

The master of applied computer science degree requires 32 credit hours of graduate coursework consisting of at least 20 credit hours at the 500-level and at most 12 credit hours at the 400-level.

Required Courses (20 credit hours from the Following, including ACSG-599):

  • ACSG 520: TCP/IP Architecture and Protocols (4)
  • ACSG 540: Programming Languages for the Web (4)
  • ACSG 561: Systems Analysis and Design (4)
  • ACSG 570: Computer Systems Security (4)
  • ACSG 591: Special Topics (4)
  • ACSG 599: Graduate Capstone Course (1-4)

Elective Courses (Select 12 credit hours from the following):

  • ACSG 400: Current and Future Trends of the Internet (4)
  • ACSG 405: Project Management for Information Technology (4)
  • ACSG 425: Data Communications and Wireless Networking (4)
  • ACSG 430: Mobile Applications (4)
  • ACSG 435: Cloud Computing (4)
  • ACSG 450: Digital Forensics (4)
  • ACSG 452: Advanced Database Topics (4)
  • ACSG 455: Open Source Software (4)
  • ACSG 460: Special Topics (4)
  • ACSG 465: Usability and Design (4)
  • ACSG 545: Software Engineering (4)
  • ACSG 575: Information Ethics (4)
  • ACSG 592: Independent Study (1-4)
  • ACSG 593: Directed Study (1-4)
  • ACSG 594: Internship (varies)

Application Requirements

Below are the requirements for the master of applied computer science program:

  1. A completed application form (PDF).
  2. Official transcript(s) sent directly from the registrar of the accredited baccalaureate degree-granting college/university and all graduate level coursework.
  3. A non-refundable $35 application fee, unless applying online.
  4. Personal statement. In approximately 300 words, please address (1) your personal career goals, (2) how you developed an interest in computer technology and the Internet, (3) your computer background and proficiency, (4) how this program fits into your goals, (5) what skills and experience you bring to the program, and (6) what are your needs and expectations of the master of applied computer science program?
  5. Two completed recommendation forms. Recommendation forms must be completed by individuals (supervisors, professors, co-workers, etc.) who can attest to your academic competence, professional skills, and character. Graduates of Saint Xavier University need not submit recommendations unless specifically asked to do so after submitting the application.
  6. If admitted into the program, an advisor will review your resume and transcripts. Students who have not worked in the information systems field and/or do not have a computer-based undergraduate degree may need additional coursework.

Apply online for the master of computer science (MACS) program or request an information packet by mail.


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