Master of Advanced Studies in Linguistics (Leuven et al)


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Program Description

The Master of Arts in Advanced Studies in Linguistics is directed towards students who want to acquire research competence in linguistics and a general insight into the central role played by language in the psychosocial life of individuals and in society. In this interuniversity, third cycle program, internationally renowned researchers from the Universities of Leuven and Ghent collaborate to initiate students into the sphere of advanced linguistic research. 

What is the program all about?

This advanced master offers a high degree of flexibility and learners have the option to craft individual programs from background and specialization courses, enabling them to develop specific theoretical insights and methodological and analytical expertise.

Furthermore, in accordance with their own research interests, students can choose to follow intensive courses taught by international scholars or to do an internship in one of the many research groups at the universities of Leuven and Ghent. Special attention is paid to the writing up of research results and participation in the international scientific debate.

Two specializations are offered:

  • Cognitive and Functional Linguistics
  • Multilingual Language Learning and Teaching   

Is this the right program for me?

  • You hold a Master’s degree in linguistics, linguistics, and literature, or an equivalent degree.
  • You have completed your Master’s thesis on a linguistic topic.
  • Basic knowledge of the various linguistic subfields is required.
  • You have a thorough familiarity with the latest developments in at least one subfield of linguistic research.
  • You have already carried out personal, but supervised, research in a linguistic subfield, have selected a research topic, designed a study, and written up the results in accordance with the appropriate conventions of your discipline.
  • Your previous academic work demonstrates an interest in either cognitive and functional linguistics or educational linguistics and you have developed adequate insight into the theoretical principles underlying this type of research.


The program aims to provide those who acquired a general knowledge of linguistics in their undergraduate education with the professional and creative skills required to carry out research, emphasizing sound methodological foundations for identifying and analyzing linguistic patterns, a sense of precise and systematic language description and the ability to develop theory and criticize it.

By the end of the program, students will have acquired:

  •  not simply a reproductive encyclopedic knowledge of the subdomains of linguistics, but also an active understanding of how the organization of and relationships between subdomains can differ depending on the theoretical approach;
  •  skill in reading and evaluating scholarly work in cognitive and functional traditions.

Career opportunities

Graduates will be equipped with a high degree of contemporary research knowledge in a particular field of linguistics and will, therefore, be well-equipped to undertake research at a higher level (Ph.D. programs/research projects, etc.). Upon completion of the program, graduates will also have developed the communicative skills required to report, both orally and in writing, on research findings and new insights. These transferable skills can be applied in a broad range of professional contexts where the ability to understand, synthesize, and present complex phenomena are essential.

Start your career, during your studies

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Last updated Mar 2020

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