Master of Advanced Studies in Art & Society

Zurich University of the Arts

Program Description

Master of Advanced Studies in Art & Society

Zurich University of the Arts

Chin Chun Warehouse

Zurich University of the Arts

Programme Objectives

The Master of Advanced Studies Art & Society provides higher education in the field of Art & Society for professionals with practical experience and with an interest in working with art in social transformation processes.

Topics cover DIWO (do it with others) Culture, Crafts & Skills, Urban Agriculture, Art-led Participatory Processes, Practice Theory, Research Practice, Upcycling, Self-Organisation, Alternative Economy, Study Tours in IN--Bangalore, JP-Echigo Tsumari, CU-Havana, HK-Hong Kong, ID-Jakarta, ID-Jatiwangi, MY-Kuala Lumpur, CH-Zurich, etc.
Modules focus on and take place in real-life contexts. They are designed collaboratively with local partner organizations, with artists, community and social workers, and researchers.

Target group

Professionals working with art in communities and in participatory and collaborative settings, such as artists, educators, peace builders, health professionals, environmental and community experts, NGO workers, development advisors, and workers, etc.

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The MAS Art & Society consists of three CAS programmes and a MAS Project.
Candidates seeking to earn a MAS in Art & Society must complete the three CAS programmes and the MAS Project. Each component is awarded 15 (E)CTS, amounting to 60 (E)CTS in total. /(E)CTS: (European) Credit Transfer System

Candidates seeking to transition to doctoral studies may extend the programme to 90 (E)CTS. The MAS Art & Society can be completed within one to a maximum of six years.

CAS Art as Agent
CAS Art as Agent focuses on art in change contexts and provides insights into local project activities, related case studies, and pressing themes and issues. It consists of a community apprenticeship, comparative field-studies (Study Tours), relevant seminars, workshops, and online courses.

CAS Practice-Based Research
CAS Practice-Based Research focuses on research activities in/with/about practical contexts and change processes. It provides insights into research procedures, relevant literature, and management. It consists of comparative case-studies, relevant seminars, lectures, workshops, and online courses

CAS Tools
CAS Tools focuses on practical and technical skills in different areas relevant for agents working with art in social transformation processes. It consists of workshops and online courses.

MAS Project
After the completion of all three CAS, your MAS Project will focus on a practical and/or theoretical problem, task, or experiment relevant to a professional field. After your successful completion of the MAS Project, you will be awarded a Master of Advanced Studies in Art & Society.
The MAS Project is a piece of discursive work and may include practical parts. Its topic should be related to a subject addressed in the MAS Art & Society. Participants choose their topic in consultation with the MAS Art & Society directors and are supervised by suitably qualified mentors.


You can attend individual modules/courses. If you are signing up for a CAS or the MAS, you are free to choose among the modules and create your own Individual Learning Portfolio. This allows you to:

•Tailor the study to your individual needs and future plans

•Complement your professional portfolio

•Increase your employability and visibility in the best possible way

•Study more in-depth and/or in a complementary fashion.

The MAS Art & Society allows students to continuously apply for particular modules. For deadlines, please see “Modules 2018” on the website of the Zurich University of the Arts.

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International Faculty
The MAS Art & Society programme has been conceived and is run by the co-directors Annemarie Bucher, Dominique Lämmli, and Lee Chun Fung. Throughout the course development, the co-directors have discussed details with the MAS Art & Society advisors, Marianne Burki, Kurt Chan Yuk-Keung, Jay Koh, Leung Mee-Ping, Ivy Lin, Yang Yeung, and faculty, in particular with Him Lo.

The faculty and advisors consist of proven international experts working with art in social transformation, with practice-based research, course relevant theory, and craftsmanship. They guarantee in-depth and/or complementary perspectives.

Annemarie Bucher
Art and landscape historian, consultant, curator. Ph.D. in landscape theory at ETH Zurich. Affiliation: Zurich University of the Arts and Srishti, IN-Bangalore. Co-director FOA-FLUX and MAS Art & Society. Lives in Switzerland.

Marianne Burki
Art historian, policy-making in funding visual arts, Head of Visual Arts ProHelvetia Zurich, responsible for the Swiss Pavillion Venice Biennale, former director of Kunsthaus Langenthal. Advisor MAS Art & Society. Lives in Switzerland.

Kurt Chan Yuk-Keung
Artist, former Professor of the Department of Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Advisor to the Asia Art Archive and the Yale-China Association, and the Hong Kong Art Development Council (HKADC). Advisor MAS Art & Society. Lives in Hong Kong.

Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr
Nomadic researcher, workshopologist and co-founder of the Global Hackteria Network. He loves making DIWO laboratories for creative biological experimentation and works in an integral way, combining science, art, and education. He lives and works in Zürich, Yogyakarta, and Taipei.,

Simon Graf
Ethnographer, cultural theorist, historian. Cultural Studies, Writing Culture Debate, and Critical Masculinity Studies. Research on contemporary hegemonic masculinities. Lectureship at the ZHdK and the Ruhr University Bochum in the autumn semester 2017/18. Lives in the agglomeration of Zurich.

Nanna Heidenreich
Theorist, a writer, curator (film/video), working on the intersections of art and activism. Ph.D. on cinema and the perspective of migration. Professor of Digital Narratives/Theory, ifs internationale filmschule köln. Lives in Germany.

Liliana Heimberg
Head of Master program in Theatre Pedagogy at ZHdK. Researchers theatre professionalization with non-professional actors and actresses. Artistic director of the Swiss theatre project on the national General Strike of 1918, which will take place in summer 2018 in Olten. Lives in Zurich.

Elaine W. Ho
Works between time‐based art, urban practice and design, using multiple vocabularies to explore the micropolitics, subjectivities and alter-possibilities of an intimate, networked production. Topics: (under)commons, independent art space, self-publishing.

Jatiwangi art Factory (JaF)
Established in 27 September 2005, Jatiwangi art Factory is a community that focuses on how contemporary art and culture practice is contextualized in local, rural-urban life, both in form and ideas.

Jay Koh
Artist-curator, evaluator, mediator, author of art-led participatory processes. Doctor of Fine Arts/DFA. Founder of international Forum of InterMedia Art/iFIMA. Organizer of collaborative conferences, projects, and advisor MAS Art & Society. Lives in Southeast Asia.

Dominique Lämmli
Artist, philosopher, educator. Research on Art in Action. Professor of drawing & painting at Zurich University of the Arts. Affiliation: Srishti IN-Bangalore. Co-director FOA-FLUX and MAS Art & Society. Lives in Switzerland.;

Milenko Lazić
Artist, musician, a refugee from Bosnia, publisher (Amsel Verlag Zürich), part of a Publisher-Collective named "Material," assistant-teacher at Zurich University of the Arts, janitor of the building he lives in and father of two kids. Lives in Zurich.

Tamara Maggi
Lector (Media Monitoring), Independent Publisher (Editorial Sande) and part of a Publisher-Collective named "Material." Lives in Zurich.

Leung Mee-Ping
Artist, researcher on visual culture. PhD in culture studies. Associate Professor at the Academy of Visual Arts, Baptist University Hong Kong. Advisor MAS Art & Society. Lives in Hong Kong.

Lee Chun Fung
Artist, curator. Core member of Woofer Ten. Co-director MAS Art & Society. Lives in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Him Lo
Artist, performer, curator at Mill6, former director Hong Kong House of Stories. Initiator and co-director Ching Chun Warehouse and Mr Lungs Woodworkshop Hong Kong. Lives in Hong Kong. FB: 青春工藝 chingchun warehouse

Yang Yeung
Writer, curator. PhD in Intercultural Studies at Chinese University Hong Kong. Lecturer at The Chinese University Hong Kong. Founder and artistic director sound pocket and A Walk with A3, Hong Kong. Advisor MAS Art & Society. Lives in Hong Kong.,

Yung Yan
Artist, curator. Alumni École Supérieure des Arts Modernes Paris; studied carpentry in Taiwan. Focuses on craftsmanship and community art. Co-director Ching Chun Warehouse and Coutou Woodworking Studio Hong Kong. Lives in Hong Kong. FB: yungwingyan; 青春工藝 Changchun warehouse.

Sabine Wolf
Urban planner. Ph.D. in landscape architecture. Head of project platform for housing cooperatives in Zurich, initiator of several urban garden projects, editor in chief of anthos, a journal for landscape architecture. Lives in Switzerland.

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All costs are calculated on the basis of 500 CHF per 1 (E)CTS.

You can choose to apply for individual modules, particular CAS programmes, or the entire MAS Art & Society programme.

CAS Art as Agent with 15 (E)CTS costs 7’500 CHF

CAS Practice-Based Research with 15 (E)CTS costs 7’500 CHF

CAS Tools with 15 (E)CTS costs 7’500 CHF

MAS Project with 15 (E)CTS costs 4’000 CHF (here 1 (E)CTS costs approx 265 CHF)

The entire MAS Art & Society course with 60 (E)CTS, therefore, costs 26’700 CHF

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • German

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