Master in entrepreneurship of new business in Tourism - Full Time

Entrepreneurship is a source of generation of wealth and social benefit in all world economies. Ostelea offers you the opportunity to study in this Master those specific aspects of the tourism sector to take advantage of the opportunities that are being generated in the sector./>

The Master is taught in Madrid . The location of the city will allow our students to see first hand the new trends in tourism that are happening in this city , so that through this Master our students can perform the search for new business opportunities in a sector where Spain is undoubtedly one of the world's benchmarks.

Reasons to study the Master

Employability and Entrepreneurship/>

  • Investor Forum: The Master of Ostelea will approach entrepreneurial students who detect and develop a business opportunity with potential sources of capital so that they can find access to the necessary financing for the start-up of their business.
  • Professionals with extensive experience in the sector will train and advise students in the design of more appropriate strategies for the implementation of their business projects.
  • In a sector where new opportunities are continuously being generated, established companies require trained professionals to detect and develop new initiatives within organizations. The Master of Ostelea will also train the intrapreneurs who are currently demanding the companies.
  • Best entrepreneur project award in tourism Ostelea. In today's highly competitive world, where many entrepreneurial initiatives are "competing" to attract attention from capital sources, it is important for a project to be supported by specialists in the sector. For this reason, a jury made up of experts from the sector will award each year the Best Entrepreneurial Tourism Award in Ostelea.

Professional skills

  • Management Experience: the student will develop the basic skills to manage projects efficiently, the "Soft Skills".
  • Case study: the training is based on the knowledge of real experiences explained, in many occasions, by its protagonists.
  • Monthly conferences with managers of the different departments or CEOs of representative companies in the sector.
  • Program for the development of professional skills: Tourism Skills Development Program (TSDP).


As a school committed to internationality, Ostelea offers you the opportunity to carry out residential programs that enrich the experience of studying at a leading school in the Tourism and Hospitality sector.

These developments are voluntary and additional to the program. Its cost is not included in the price of the program.

  • The student will have the possibility of an International Tourism Residency in Saxion (Holland)
  • Cross-Cultural Marketing Residential Program Kean University (New Jersey, USA) (additional cost)
  • Residential Finance at ESG UQAM, School of Management, Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada)


The Master in Entrepreneurship in Tourism Businesses aims to train entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs , to analyze, detect, implement and manage innovative business projects that also take advantage of the opportunities that are being generated in the tourism sector today, both level of management as projection and marketing, but also in relation to new products.

At the end of this course the students:

  • They will have learned to generate new business opportunities from the analysis and exploration of the tourism sector
  • They will know the methodologies of Lean Startup and Customer Development in a practical way through their application in the chosen projects
  • They will have learned to design and develop MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) and experiments to validate (or not) hypotheses about the value proposition
  • They will have learned lessons that facilitate decision making and its application
  • They will know the function and application of the business plans , the opportunity reports and the executive summaries
  • They will know the different sources of investment and will learn to present entrepreneurial initiatives (pitch) to investors and to negotiate investment agreements
  • They will be able to know the impact of the application of these methodologies and tools in corporate environments (intrapreneurship)
  • They will learn the tools, processes and skills for the launch of their own business project in a compatible way with a job as an employee (Hybrid Entrepreneurship)

Through the practical application of these concepts, students can generate the following skills:


Develop the capacity for creativity and innovation in the industry and its sustainable management through comprehensive and specialized training.


The Master's degree allows entrepreneurs / intrapreneurs to be trained in business creation and management of tourism companies capable of obtaining the expected results globally.


Develop the necessary managerial skills of a global manager of companies to achieve a collaborative, assertive and participative work among all team members.


Develop the necessary skills to undertake a business project with scarce resources, maximizing validated learning and results in your business project.


The Master in entrepreneurship in tourism business consists of 5 modules:

  • Opportunity Detection The generation of new business ideas in tourism
  • Lean Methodology Start-up: From the idea to the opportunity
  • Strategic plans: From the opportunity to the company
  • Sources of financing for new business projects in tourism
  • Final work of master

This program has the following characteristics:

  • Modular of 60 ECTS - 468 contact hours
    • ECTS of subjects
    • 12 ECTS of Master's Thesis
  • Program format
    • From Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
    • 25 teaching hours per week

Professional careers

Ostelea offers its students a training oriented to employability.

Therefore, students will have access to the TSDP (Tourism Skills Development Program): an exclusive program where they will learn to develop their skills and abilities.

The TSDP consists of 55 teaching hours that includes (limited places):

  • Management Skills
  • Public relations
  • advanced Excel
  • Turistic marketing
  • Coaching

In addition to a package of services whose purpose is to guide and accompany them to achieve their professional goals. These services include (subject to convocation):

  • Itineraries (to choose one):
    • Employability: 3 workshops focused on the selection process and improvement of candidacy
    • Entrepreneurship: through the Entrepreneurs Project where they will receive advice
    • Career Transition: 5 workshops to guide students about their professional future
  • Talent Tourism Week: with the presence of relevant companies in the sector that will present their offers and then interview the students who are possible candidates
  • Employment forum: where several companies participate by publishing their offers online and interviewing our students
  • Graduate Program: prepared by multinational companies (Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, Hotusa, etc.), whose objective is to select the most suitable candidates
  • Company Meetings: meetings between national and international companies, where students can learn the profiles most in demand in the sector

For this Master we highlight the following Professional Outputs :/>

  • Entrepreneurs who want to develop a business idea related to the tourism sector
  • Intrapreneurs as a profile that is currently in demand by companies to carry out innovative projects and new initiatives

Admissions and Titling


The admission process guarantees the suitability of the candidates, in this way all the participants will be able to take full advantage of this learning experience.

To start the admission process it is necessary to fill in the information request. From that moment Ostelea will contact the candidate to close an interview to which the following documentation must be submitted:

  • University degree
  • The Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • Two letters of recommendation

After finishing the interview, the Admissions Committee will analyze case by case and communicate the resolution to the candidate to inform him of the status of his admission.



The participant who successfully completes the program will obtain TRIPLE TITLE:

  • Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship in Tourism Businesses from Rey Juan Carlos University (PROPIO)
  • Master in Entrepreneurship in Tourism Businesses by Ostelea School of Tourism
  • Master in Entrepreneurship in Tourism Businesses by EAE Business School (PROPIO)

Economic Aid Program

Ostelea offers candidates scholarships that consist of financial aid with the objective of supporting our students.

Each application will be studied independently, it will be granted during the admission process and it will be communicated personally by the Admissions Committee before the formalization of the registration.

Scholarships representing 100% of the total enrollment fee will not be awarded in any case.

The economic aid will be offered in the following cases:

  • Advance reservation of place.
  • Adequacy of the profile to the requirements of each program.
  • Former students of the school. In this case, a 25% discount will be applied to the enrollment.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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