Master in Wireless Communications Engineering

University of Oulu

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Master in Wireless Communications Engineering

University of Oulu

Master of Wireless Communications Engineering

WCE - Wirelessly Yours!

30 years of groundbreaking research and cooperation with the global telecommunication and electronics companies like Nokia has been the foundation for the programme development at the Department of Communications Engineering (DCE) and Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC). DCE & CWC research unit is in charge of conducting WCE programme consist of ca 130 academics, of which roughly 50% are foreign coming from ca 20 countries from all main continents.

WCE will help you reach your goals!

The programme consists of cutting-edge knowledge and latest developments in the essential areas and topics of wireless communications systems and networks. It will give you relevant skills and core knowledge of the latest methods, tools and technologies combined with time-tested issues such as information theory, advanced wireless communication systems, communication networks, stochastical and digital signal processing, antennas, radio channels, radio engineering, electronics design, and computer engineering. You will possess the essential knowledge on the design of wireless communications networks at the system level.

WCE will give you the professional edge!

As a graduate of WCE, you will get a foundational background in a growing, dynamic field of wireless communications including networking, systems and technologies. The skills gained in the Master’s Degree Programme offer a solid academic training that answers to the demands of wireless communications industry globally.

WCE will advance your career!

You may get the possibility to move forward even during your studies. Centre for Wireless Communications, CWC, provides a number of jobs as a trainee or a master's thesis student, with the possibility to continue as a doctoral student at CWC doctoral study programme at the University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS), and even as a postdoctoral researcher at CWC. Typically 10-12 master's degree holders from CWC receive PhD degree every year.

Programme Outline

Studies of wireless communications engineering consist of basic and advanced modules that are obligatory. Besides that, a WCE student can choose elective courses from the optional module consisting of 24 courses from the areas of electrical and computer engineering, as well as Finnish language studies. In addition, obligatory advanced practical training and written Master’s thesis are mandatory parts of WCE studies. Details of course structure are defined as follows:

Basic Module (subject studies)

The basic module gives all the basic knowledge on digital communications engineering. It contains the sufficient background in information theory, coding, optimization, as well as in wireless systems, communications networks, and radio engineering. After completing this preparation module, the student is, for example, able to

  • design modern wireless communications systems and networks
  • design future mobile communications systems, including network exchanges, base stations and mobile handsets
  • design air-interface modules in detail at a physical algorithm level of OSI model
  • design transceiver’s radio frequency electronics and digital signal processing parts
  • perform system simulations at radio frequency, communication link, and network levels

Advanced module (advanced studies)

Advanced module on wireless communications engineering extends the skills learned in the basic module. It gives more information on communications networks, radio channels, the design of radio systems, and antennas. After completing advanced module, the student is even more capable, for example, in

  • designing modern wideband wireless communications systems (e.g., spread spectrum, CDMA, OFDM, UWB, MIMO, cognitive radios, etc.)
  • designing radio networks and protocols
  • DSP design of transceiver algorithms
  • RF system design and radio link budget analysis of an air-interface
  • designing intelligent antennas for base stations and handsets

Optional Module (elective studies)

An optional module is constructed from a list of optional courses by a student's choice. Depending on student’s choice, this optional module makes it possible to widen student’s expertise into the fields of practical analogue and digital electronics design, RF components, mobile and social computing, signal processors, video and biomedical signal processing, machine vision, and several traditional computer sciences and engineering courses lectured in English. In addition, it is possible to take Finnish language courses as elective studies since they will help the student to integrate into the Finnish society during studies and after graduation.

Advanced practical training (internship)

WCE programme also includes an obligatory training period of 2 months, which is typically performed in electronics, communications, or network operator companies. It is also possible to do it in a research group at the university, or at some other research units. It is recommended to perform the training period during the summertime after the first study year. Every student is responsible for finding the employer for the training period by him/herself. In the case a student is not able to find training position in the electronics industry, WCE programme will help to find training opportunity in a research group at the university. Department of Communications Engineering & Centre for Wireless Communications offers every year training and master's thesis grants for all of our WCE students. It is also possible to employ student’s prior work experience obtained after B.Sc. degree, in order to fulfil advanced practical training requirement of WCE programme.

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Aug. 2019
2 years
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Jan. 23, 2019
Application deadline: Nov 1, 2018 – Jan 23, 2019.
Finland - Oulu
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Application deadline: Nov 1, 2018 – Jan 23, 2019.
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Finland - Oulu
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Application deadline: Nov 1, 2018 – Jan 23, 2019.
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