Master in Wellness Culture: Sport, Health And Tourism

University of Bologna

Program Description

Master in Wellness Culture: Sport, Health And Tourism

University of Bologna

The course “Wellness culture: sport, health, and tourism” is a Professional Master's degree that prepares professionals able to plan, promote and manage events and activities in the areas related to wellness culture and person's physical and mental well-being.

From sport to tourism, from health to culture, the graduate will learn to analyze the quality of life needs and potentials of the territory. They will be able to create integrated and sustainable "system projects", by fostering collaboration among public institutions and private entities, companies.

Programme profile

The Wellness Culture: Sport, Health andTourism second cycle degree programme aims to form high-profile professionals with transversal competencies such as those involving areas connected with“lifestyle” and personal psycho-physical wellness.

A field of the intervention designed to plan and manage events and activity programmes of public and private entities aiming to promote “Quality of life” and individual empowerment (focussing in particular on the young and the elderly). The fields of intervention include mainly: physical, ludic and sports activities in recreational and free-time contexts, promoting the culture of sports and psycho-physical wellness and sports tourism.

Employment opportunities for second cycle degree graduates may include educational, sports and cultural institutions, as well as entities tasked with maintaining and improving health.

During the first year, the programme is designed to provide students with essential scientific references to help them elaborate the meaning of “Wellness Culture” in its complexity and entirety. Such knowledge is essential to understand the scope of the fields of intervention and the issues and project opportunities they provide, as well as the responsibilities implied.

The following stage of the programme is designed to direct students towards their “field of choice” providing them with specific planning and intervention competencies, without losing sight of the overall view within the Wellness context. As a result, professionals will be able to spend their devising, planning and managing skills in a range of different fields, all sharing a common objective: “Quality of life”.

An objective naturally inclusive of interventions related to sport, and in general to physical activity and health, education and protection and promotion of the environment.

Admission requirements

Curricular requirements:

It is required that the student has the following curricular prerequisites:

1. The student must have obtained a University degree in one of the following Teaching classes:

ex D.M.270:

  • L-22Physical education and sport sciences
  • L-18Economics Sciences and Business administration
  • L-24Psychology
  • L-40Sociology
  • L-19Sciences of Education
  • L/SNT4Environment and Workplace Prevention Techniques

ex. D.M.509/99:

  • 33 Physical education and sport sciences
  • 17Economics Sciences and Business administration
  • 34 Psychology
  • 36 Sociology
  • 18 Science of Education

SNT/04Environment and Workplace Prevention Techniques

Degrees belonging to the previous University system that may be acknowledged as adequate by the Council of the Degree Course: ISEF degree.


2. The student must have obtained aUniversity degree belonging to a different class than the abovementioned onesthat may allow the acceptance of at least 60 CFUs (University Course Credits)in the scientific-disciplinary areas that are congruent with the educationalactivities understood as necessary to the class L-22 (Physical education andsport sciences) and recognized by the D.M. from March 16, 2007, that decides forthe criteria of the classes of University degrees and in detail: M-EDF/01,M-EDF/02, MED/09, MED/33, BIO/9, BIO/10, BIO/16, IUS/01, IUS/09, SECS-P/07,SECS-P/08, M-PED/01, M.PED/03, M-PSI/01, M-PSI/04, SPS/07.

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This course is Campus based
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Start date
Oct. 2019
2 years
Full time
- tarting from academic year 2017/2018 the University of Bologna will have a new system for payment of tuition fees. Students will pay according to ISEE (family income).
Italy - Rimini, Emilia-Romagna
Start date : Oct. 2019
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Oct. 2019
Italy - Rimini, Emilia-Romagna
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