Master in Web Analytics and Big Data


Program Description

Who is it for:

The digital analyst and the data scientist are two of the most demanded profiles currently and in the coming years. This master's degree is aimed at management-level profiles, intermediate managers, technical profiles, independent professionals, entrepreneurs, etc. In short, to any professional who wants to be a leader in the digital company.

This program can be taught online, semi-face-to-face, or in-person intensive.



  • Know, understand and apply the fundamental foundations of any company, but from the vision of the new market, digital.
  • Learn to interpret the behaviors that users have in the network and especially in our site with the aim of adapting your products, services and business to what users are demanding.
  • Master the most important tools such as Google Analytics. In addition, take contact with the reality of Big Data that is already an unstoppable reality that affects both companies and individuals.
  • Have the possibility to build your own project and get financing for it.
  • In addition, there are a series of global objectives for all programs that consist of: efficiently managing work teams, learning to make strategic decisions, developing a global and integrating vision, mastering change management and capturing managerial skills.


Module 1: Fundamentals
Session 1: Technological and legal environment.
Session 2: Introduction to the analytic.
Session 3: Objectives and strategy of a website.

Module 2: The Analyst
Session 1: Google Analytics I.
Session 2: Google Analytics II.
Session 3: Adobe Analytics / Omniture.
Session 4: Comscore.
Session 5: Excel for analysts.

Module 3: Statistics and analytical method
Session 1: Analytics in Social Networks.
Session 2: Analytics in e-commerce.
Session 3: Qualitative analysis. Session 4: Quantitative analysis.

Module 4: Big Data
Session 1: The environment of Big Data.
Session 2: Big Data Architecture.
Session 3: Analysis of information and knowledge.
Session 4: Fundamentals R language and SQL.
Module 5: Digital managerial skills
Session 1: Speak in public.
Session 2: Emotional intelligence.
Session 3: Communication for management.
Session 4: Effective presentations.

MASTER THESIS PROJECT. Always accompanied by your expert, by your project tutor and by the head of studies.

Additional Information:

Those students who wish to do so have the possibility of doing internships in the main companies.

This training can be financed by the Tripartite Foundation

Opinions of the students:

Francisco Oviedo

• What is the best part of the course? Flexibility of times at the time of organizing the study, the realization of the practices to learn the knowledge and the possibility of making it compatible with other activities. Teacher training, with great experience, closeness and speed in solving doubts.

• What can be improved? Some more classroom / webinars doing practical exercises.

• Would you recommend the Master or Expert you are doing? Yes I recommend it, for the contents, for the professionals and the flexibility (which is very important).

Inma Bonilla

• What is the best part of the course? The professional output

• What can be improved? That communication with some teachers be more agile

• Would you recommend the Master or Expert you are doing? Although I just started, yes.

Desiree López

• What is the best part of the course? The content of the master's degree and the follow-up by the professors

• What can be improved? The creation of notifications when a partner shares something in the forums

• Would you recommend the Master or Expert you are doing? I think it is highly recommended, although I have not been long.

David Bello

• "My name is David and I would like to recommend the Master in Web Analytics and Big Data of Spain Business School . The master's degree is very complete and has both specific subjects and oratory and leadership courses, which are absolutely necessary for any professional nowadays. In addition, I really like the practical case methodology because it allows you to deepen knowledge in a dynamic and entertaining way. But, without a doubt, the most interesting part is the live classes in which you can see your teacher's screen while he works with the analytical tool, because it is the best way to learn how to use it. Also, you can see it later on the virtual campus if you have any questions. Last but not least, I would like to highlight the close treatment of all the school staff that will guide you throughout the learning process. Do not think about it, sign up for Spain Business School ! "

Ernesto Salido Galán

"The MAWBD, combining two fields of enormous professional projection such as Web Analytics and Big Data, is presented in a unique training range, enabling you to solve, through the successful training obtained after it, various business intelligence solutions to any possible professional challenge that you have to face. Of the many highlights of the Master, I would highlight its novel character, with a generation of academic content as professionals of the sector, which will provide direct and immediate access to leading work environments, balancing both theoretical and practical training, all united to a own requirement of generalized quality as a brand, taught by the school itself. The quality of the teaching staff, connected through management positions in digital training environments, helps you to face from the first day possible real situations in your professional field. "

Last updated Mar 2020

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Spain Business School es una nueva escuela de negocios de carácter privado, independiente y plural con una función social muy importante. Podríamos indicar se nos encontramos ante una de las pocas escuelas de negocios sociales si no la única. Está formada por profesionales con amplia experiencia en docencia y que desean compartir sus conocimientos aportando valor a la sociedad. Deseamos dar servicio y formación a personas con talento, sin importar edad, raza ni requisitos. Read less
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