About the Master

The visual effects sector opens a wide range of professional profiles dedicated to the design, generation and production of digitally generated images that will be created and / or integrated into all types of audiovisual productions.

The Master in Visual Effects for Film of the ESCAC offers the student an integral, creative and technical training, providing the solid bases, both practical and formal, to be inserted in the visual effects industry. We take advantage of the environment of the film school to put this knowledge into practice in a real production system in constant interaction with the other departments of the sector.

Who is it for?

University graduates in Audiovisual Communication, Fine Arts or other university-level degrees related to the audiovisual field. Computer Engineers, Multimedia, Videogames, ... who want to complement their curriculum with a complete formation of visual effects for cinema.

Professionals from the audiovisual sector who want an integral and intensive immersion in the world of visual effects, in a cinematographic environment and audiovisual production.


The structure of the course will be divided into two large blocks: a first phase of acquisition of the bases, with a large number of individual practices for each of the subjects, and a second half focused on the development of a professional finishing project that can serve the student of cover letter to the professional world.

Also, the curriculum will be divided into five major blocks:

  • COMPOSITION: Provide students with the necessary knowledge for the integration of all the elements, both of the filmed and digitally created, in a single piece.
  • MODELING: Provide students with the necessary knowledge so that they can sculpt characters, scenarios, objects and other elements necessary for the construction of a three-dimensional set.
  • FX: Provide the students with the basic notions so that they can understand and execute the mechanisms of production of fluids and particles in the 3D environment.
  • COMPLEMENTS: Provide students with a complementary introduction to other departments that may influence their professional development.
  • PROJECT: Get the students to carry out an audiovisual product with VFX of professional finish and made according to the work processes of the industry, collaborating with the other departments of the center.

Teaching team

Pedagogical Coordination Master: Júlia Francino Project Coordination: Lluís Castells TiC / ID / Lab Tutor: Juli Creus

Data of interest

  • Dates: From September 3, 2018 to June 28, 2019
  • schedule: Monday to Friday, full time (morning and afternoon) *
    • * The school reserves the right to place a maximum of 10% of the classes outside of the established schedule should any unforeseen or any incompatibility arise in the schedule of any of the teachers.
  • language: All classes are taught in Spanish, although the school reserves the right to impart 10% of them in English in case the teaching staff so requests.
  • registration: (consult web)
  • Face-to-face modality
  • seats: 24
  • price: € 9,900
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2 semesters
9,900 EUR
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