Create the space where humans and technology come together. Drive experience design and innovation thanks to a deep understanding of human behavior, technology, and digital solutions needs.

The new economy is digital. Every single day new business models, services, and digital solutions appear in our lives with a common need, to understand and improve how users interact with them.

UX creates empathy between people and technology putting users first. Only a deep understanding of human behavior permits to optimize usability thanks to experiencing design and innovation.

With the Master in User Experience Design, you will develop the most demanded UX skills while you discover in first person the innovative vision of user-centered technology design.

What Will I Learn?

The Master in User Experience Design will help you to become a professional able to design digital solutions centered on user needs.

You will learn to identify how users interact with technology with a learning by doing methodology that is focused on the analysis, design, prototyping, and evaluation of multi-platform user interfaces. All of them are skills that will permit you to deliver great user experience.

During the program, you will also be introduced to web and mobile development languages that will permit you to understand the most important links between technology and UX projects while programming usable interfaces.

Program Content

  • UX Driven Business
  • Foundations in human factors
  • User-centered technology
  • Content strategy
  • UI design & Prototyping
  • Testing and assessment
  • UX Leadership & Management
  • Object-Oriented Application Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Creative Technology & innovation

Project-based learning


The completion of the Master in User Experience Design program takes 9 months, it starts in October 2019.

Barcelona Technology School is an international institution, being all the programs taught in English and in the sunny and innovative city of Barcelona.

Methodology BTS

A key part of the program is project-based learning, where participants will either work on their own Big Data projects & solutions.
This methodology reflects digital industry demand new IT professionals with skills such as:
  • Empathy and Communication
  • International scope
  • Flexibility
  • Collaboration and Network
  • Transversal vision and Curiosity
  • Compromise and Responsibility
  • Foundations in human factors
  • User-centered technology
  • Content strategy
  • UI design & Prototyping
  • Testing and assessment
  • UX Leadership & Management
  • Object-Oriented Application Development
  • UX Driven Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Creative Technology & innovation

Ready For A Big Digital Career

Tech industry is exploding and the key digital companies need your talent. Barcelona Technology School connects your career with the digital industry while brings you the most demanded digital knowledge & skills through: UX Driven Business, Foundations in human factors, User-centered technology, Content strategy, UI design & Prototyping, Testing and assessment, UX Leadership & Management, Object-Oriented Application Development, Entrepreneurship, Creative Technology & innovation.

Internships & Job Opportunities

Thanks to our agreements with the digital industry, you will have the chance to live a professional experience in some of the top technological companies that have a partnership with the Barcelona Technology School ecosystem.

Program Fees

Total Fee: 17.000€
The program includes:

  • Awarded by Barcelona Technology School.
  • High-quality instruction & low rate attendees per teacher.
  • Professional experience through Internships & job opportunities.
  • 24h support: We remain at your disposal 24 hours a day.
  • International insurance: Travel and medical insurance covers any incidence during the master.
  • Beach & sports club. Free access to 24.000 m2 of social and sports installation located on the beachfront of Barcelona.

How To Apply

If you are passionate about User Experience, you would like to access job opportunities, develop the best digital talent and have a master experience in Barcelona. We just ask you for 4 requirements:
Fill the application form here.
Candidates must send to the admissions office the application form, their CV as well as a motivation letter explaining how they think the digital industry will be in the next five years and how they could contribute to the digital transformation.
Our admission officers, as well as the director of the program, will analyze your candidature and if you meet the profile of Barcelona Technology School, we will call you to have a chat.


To ensure you place on the Master, you must secure it by making the reservation payment. In the acceptance letter we tell you how. You must then pay the enrolment fee and you can pay the rest in cash or in instalments.
An international bank guarantees your payment. In case of visa refusal, you will get payment refund through an international bank guarantee. How does it work?
  1. A contract between BTS and you that indicates in case of VISA refusal you get payment refund.
  2. BTS bank sends a payment guarantee to your bank office (this is an international legal right that ensures you to get payment refund in case of VISA refusal).
  3. You get noticed of the payment guarantee reception by your own bank
  4. Visa process result:
    • You get the VISA → Enrollment to BTS.
    • VISA refusal → Payment refund by BTS guaranteed by an international bank.
Program taught in:

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