Master's program Translation Studies - English language / French language, Translation in European Context has as the main objective the training of specialists in the field of translation. The disciplines proposed in the curriculum of the Master's program are designed so that its graduates acquire linguistic and discursive skills necessary for high-level teaching. This Master's program offers to his graduates training for translator’s careers in translation offices, agencies, businesses, publishers, firms; freelance translators (specialized in economic, legal, technical, medicine); translators within the European institutions; teachers and researchers ready to act as specialists in various fields as journalism, tourism, office-secretariat, diplomacy, international economic relations, philological research, and advertising administration.

What competencies can you acquire?

  1. General communication skills in English / French;
  2. Language skills in English / French and in specialized languages;
  3. Translation of specialized languages;
  4. Translation and retroversion of literary texts (prose, poetry);
  5. Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.
  6. ICT-specific translation skills: computer-assisted translation, writing and editing techniques, text revision;
  7. Adaptability to the requirements of the labor market and dynamic evolution in multilingual and multimedia communication in a European context;

Who can apply?

Students from any part of the world, holding a bachelor’s degree should apply to this program. The candidates must present evidence of the required Degree as part of the application procedure.

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Sept. 2019
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