Master in Trade Marketing and Commercial Strategies

University of Parma

Program Description

Master in Trade Marketing and Commercial Strategies

University of Parma

Official Program Description

Language: Italian

Duration: 2 years

Maximum number of participants: 160

Admission Requirements:

Candidates applying to the Master must possess a three-year Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and/or Business Administration or any other valid title recognised as equivalent to three-year and four-year Italian Bachelor’s Degrees in classes L-18 (former 270/04) or 17 (former 509/99). In addition, specific knowledge of Marketing topics is required. Candidates from classes 17 (former 509/99) or L-18 (former 270/04) must possess at least 9 ECTS credits in Marketing-related subjects (sector SECS-P/08 of the Italian system).

Graduates from different classes can apply for the Course if they possess at least 27 ECTS credits as follows:

• At least 9 ECTS credits in sector SECS-P/08 (Marketing/Economics and Business Management);

• At least 9 ECTS credits in the following sectors: SECS-P/01, SECS-P/02, SECS-P/03, SECS-P/06 o SECS-P/12 (Economics, Economic History);

• At least 9 ECTS credits in the following sectors: SECS-S/01, SECS-S/03, S/04, S/05 o SECS-S/06, M-PSI 01, M-PSI03, M-PSI05 e M-PSI06, SPS 07, SPS 08 (Statistics, Psychology and Sociology).

Specific cases of candidates who do not meet the aforementioned requirements will be first examined through an interview. In case of a positive outcome, such candidates will be admitted to the test.
Undergraduate candidates can take the test as well. The test will take place in July each year.

Candidates passing the test and included in the rankings can pre-enrol on the Master’s Degree Course TRADE. Definitive enrolment is possible exclusively after graduation, which must be obtained not later than 31st December 2015.

Description of the Course.

The Master’s Degree course in Trade Marketing and Commercial Strategies was founded in 2005. It was the first Master in Marketing in Italy and was designed to provide specific training for the development of marketing strategies and commercial policies of manufacturing, retail and service companies. It stems from the 30-year-old research activity of the Marketing Area at the University of Parma, a well know “research school” in the field of retail, distribution and channel management. Trade marketing activities have become increasingly important in horizontal and vertical marketing processes.

More specifically, this importance has been enhanced by the increasing significance of points of sale in industrial marketing processes; a progressive increase and sophistication of demand for retail services among consumers; developments in distribution systems that could be considered as true revolutions, such as e-commerce; an increase in the levels of commercial concentration in purchasing and sales processes, so as to affect “vertical” power relations in the supply chain. These phenomena have given rise to a strong demand for professionals with a consolidated cultural background in the area of planning, management and organization of corporate commercial strategies. More specifically, large and small companies, in manufacturing, distribution and service, both on a national and international level need professional to design sales and marketing strategies and manage channel relations.

The Course was therefore structured to provide theoretical and practical proficiency in the following areas: marketing channels, retail and channel management, merchandising policies, systems for planning and monitoring sales, trade marketing strategies. These marketing foundations, developed during the first year of the course, are complemented by an economic history of marketing and distribution and management macroeconomic scenario analysis. Statistical methodologies necessary for the analysis of marketing data are introduced in the second year (introductory and advanced courses, plus applied laboratories).

Over the years, the course has expanded the area of core competencies developed until reaching a complete overview on the different aspects of the Marketing sector, including its cutting-edge themes, with 11 subjects and 4 laboratories: Neuromarketing, Consumer Behaviour Analysis, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, In-store Marketing, Category Management, Fashion and Design Marketing, Channel Metrics, Retail Branding and Image, Retail and Channel Management, Social Marketing, Crisis and Reputation Management, Food Marketing, Promotional Mediation and Negotiation.

This broad and expert range of Marketing-related subjects offered by the TRADE course has no equals in Italy: this is possible thanks to the Marketing Area of the Department of Economics in Parma, which boasts a valid team of 15 professors and researchers with long experience in research projects and didactic methodologies as regards the aforementioned themes.

The fit between the course’s academic content and real business necessities of firms is constantly assessed with regard to scientific progress in the sectors of marketing and trade marketing (and this is assured by the fact that the professors teaching the courses conduct their own research in these sectors), and by means of continuous involvement with managers and market experts.

The innovative didactic methodologies are a strong point of the course: besides the aforementioned laboratories (limited number of participants: 30), the course includes group work activities, marketing games, role-plays, collaborations of experts and managers, for nearly all subjects. Since 2014, a programme of visits to companies has been part of the course as well.

Course structure

The Course Structure is available at the following link:

Career Opportunities.

Master’s Degree graduates in Trade Marketing and Commercial Strategies can hold positions of responsibility in the management of manufacturing, services, distribution and trading companies. More specifically, the roles that can be effectively performed by Master’s Degree graduates in Trade Marketing and Commercial Strategies are:

  • In the Commercial sector: Sales manager, Key account manager, Area manager, Trade marketing manager; Channel manager; E-commerce manager, Export manager, Store manager.
  • In the Marketing sector: Marketing manager, Brand manager, Product manager, Loyalty marketing manager, Merchandiser, Customer service manager.
  • In the Purchase Department sector: Buyer/Purchase Manager, Category Manager, Supply chain manager, E-procurement manager.
  • In the Analysis sector: Research manager, Market analyst, CRM expert, Commercial Consultant, Expert Journalist in Economics

International opportunities

The course offers two Double Degree opportunities: with the Université Jean Moulin – Lyon 3 (France) for the three best students with excellent command of French (they will be awarded the Master en Marketing et Vente in addition to the Italian Second Cycle Degree); with the University of Pamukkale (Turkey) for the three best students with excellent command of English (they will be awarded the Master in Marketing Management in addition to the Italian Second Cycle Degree).


Graduates from the Course generally find an occupation after 3.8 months from their graduation: this is an excellent result, considering that entering into the Italian labour market usually requires a longer time. The innovative contents and concrete possibilities of finding a job in a short time make the TRADE Course extremely attractive for students: 50% of students enrolled come from other universities (17 different universities) and every year more than 200 candidates take the admission test in July. About 75 % of these students usually pass the test.

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Italy - Parma, Emilia-Romagna
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