Master in Teràpia Humanista Gestalt


Program Description

Raons per fer el curs

  • You will have an experiential and practical experience at the time of acquiring connections and destinations. First experience and then theorize.
  • You will get a personal creixement that will allow you to develop therapeutic skills and strengthen the role of therapist.
  • From the experiential and human part, you will empower l'autoresponsabilitat and, at the same time, you will acquire the ability to understand and accompany the highlands.126304_photo-1465409042654-5314e9d1754b.jpg Eli DeFaria / Unsplash

To who s'adreça

To students, professors and professionals in the Gestalt humanistic therapy to apply it in different settings: therapeutic, health, education, social ...

Requisites d'admissió

Have a diploma, license or grau universitari. In the case of studying l'únim curs del grau universitari, an interview will take place beforehand.

* Note: who did not have a university title before, will have a rebreed call, both of them will be certified, a certificate of assistance for the UdG Foundation: Innovation and Training.


The creation of a master's degree is necessary that there has been no public offer for students and students. Cal be aware that moltes personal interests fan trained in private escorts.

This training will help students acquire eines and practical resources to apply to tot tipus d'acompanyament. The focus is humanistic and holistic. The methodology is experiential and practical and is based on experience. The student can pose in the role and position of the therapist and the client per així to obtain skills and techniques for a good accompaniment in the personal therapeutic process. Gestalt therapy is characterized by the practical and experiential methodology.

The idea is treballar from the basis of Gestalt therapy and psychology with a humanistic orientation. In this way, it is the concept of people from an optimistic perspective, based on the serious potentials and the innate tendency to salute and creixement (organizational self-regulation). Focus on the holistic theory of holistic vessant, that is to say, keep in mind the cognition, emotion and behavior.

It is vol, individually and in a group, to provide resources for the person who has incarnated the problems of life trusting in the severe skills and reconnection of his or her limits, as well as the experiences for a better assimilation.


  • Acquire els coneixements teoricopràctics of the model d'acompanyament humanista Gestalt.
  • Acquire eines per treballar amb el cos, l'emoció i la ment.
  • Perform a treball d'autoconeixement.
  • Train students perquè puguin practice teràpies grupals i individuals amb adults, infants i adolescents.
  • Train the students to identify the factors in the demand of the patient and develop the first interview there, knowing how to structure and design the therapeutic process in each country.
  • Undertake communicative and effective strategies in the therapeutic field.
  • Unwrap an active and empathic escort, I will address the verbal and nonverbal behavior posant èmfasi in the phenomenology of the jo-tu relationship, and I will understand the person and donate and manage to manage the serious emotions, thoughts and behavior.
  • Acquire skills to be able to communicate in public.
  • Train l'alumne / a per resoldre conflictes dins i fora the therapeutic context.

Sortides professionals

  • Treballar in consultates and centers of teràpia amb direct attention in individual accompaniment, of parella, group amb adults, infants and adolescents.
  • Facilitate personal therapeutic and credential groups.
  • Accompany infants and youngsters in educatius and altres institucions centers.

Pla d'estudis

Introduction and contextualization of gestalt therapy

  • Context creation
  • Principals elements de l'enfocament gestalt
  • L'experiència i l'adonar-se (awareness)
  • Expand l'autoimatge: polaritats
  • The three levels of the organism

Bases of the Gestalt

  • The organismic self-regulation
  • Contact Mechanisms
  • Assumptes pendents
  • The conflict intern
  • The internal narrative nostra
  • Enneagram 1
  • Residential I

Aspectes tècnics de la teràpia Gestalt

  • Principis bàsics per un bon accompannyament.
  • L'ordre de l'ajuda
  • The initial interview and the genogram
  • Treball technicians of the gestàltic therapist
  • Group Teràpia des d'un approach Gestalt
  • Enneagram 2
  • Residential 2: El camí de l'heroi

Applied Techniques

  • Dramatització gestàltica i PNL
  • Cadira warms up
  • The llenguatge dels somnis
  • Fantasies guiades i sculptures
  • The parella and the sexualitat
  • Family and systemic therapy I
  • Family and systemic therapy II

Gestalt, education and infants

  • Gestalt child
  • Artistic express
  • Infant Gestalt: treballrapeutèutic amb nens i adolescents.
  • Moviment expressiu amb infants
  • Residential 3: Les pèrdues i el dol

Individuals and group supervisory practices

  • Individuals and group supervisory practices
  • Artteràpia i tancament del grup

Individual Therapy Treball

Master Final Treball

The final master's (TFM) treball consists in the realization of a projecte d'avaluació, innovation or development in l'àmbit of the Gestalt humanistic teràpia. The continguts link to the TFM is to develop in the different assignments of the master.


Master in Humanistic Gestalt Teràpia by the University of Girona. *

* Do not include the taxa d'expedició of the title of the UdG.


Combination of classes teòriques i pràctiques amb treballs individuals i grupals.

They are also responsible for conducting individual tertiary practices and supervisory practices.

The teaching is face-to-face.

Appraisal System

L'avaluació tea in compte:

• Compulsory attendance at 80% of the sessions.

• Coneixements reflectits in the treballs and in the expositions of each module.

• Haver realitzat tots els treballs corresponents.

• Participated actively in totes les classes.

Last updated November 2019

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