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The Chamber of Commerce of Seville launches a new edition of the Master in Television Journalism . A specialized project, eminent practical, very specific, and which aims to be the launching point for all professionals who decide to dedicate themselves to the sector with the greatest expansion. Our objective is to summarize the practical experience in nine months of teaching.

At the end of it, the student will be able to join any audiovisual business project in any field and genre. The news, sports, reporting, news and entertainment will not have any kind of secret.

The Improvement Options for Professional Development with Future Perspectives

Currently, audiovisual is the sector with the largest number of dedicated professionals, the one with the highest audience and the highest advertising revenues, and the one that best resists the crisis. 71% of Spaniards are informed of current events through TV, including access from web support, compared to 30% who prefer radio or 28% of written media. For 56% of the population it is their preferred medium. It is also the medium that most advertisers have and the one that charges the most for advertising rates. In short, it is the medium that moves the most money.

The Master of Specialization

In this Master, the participant will have the opportunity to ensure adequate specialization in the television medium. Whether you are interested in participating in news or current affairs or entertainment programs, we offer you direct contact with the tools and professionals that currently mark the sector. Directors of programs, news programs, reporters and first-line editors will transmit all the knowledge necessary to master television.

Nobody Can Prepare You Better

The best coaching and speaking professionals will work with students on their personal image and verbal and non-verbal communication. TV professionals will teach you to say what you want to say the way they want to say. We gather everyone who can teach something inside and outside the cameras so they do not have to look for it later. There is no better preparation for when you are in live.

A Master with Labor Exit

We offer advanced practices in some of the media of reference in the television scene. Professionals and producers participate, such as Adsat Andalucía (Tele 5 news), MediaPro (La Báscula), ADM (Direct Andalusia), 8 Andalucía Television, Caligari (Calla Copla).

We invite you to know in detail the academic program that, due to its 100% face-to-face, practical and experiential nature, not only leads to learning but also will provide networking opportunities both with colleagues and professional teachers.


  • Module I. How a television is organized
  • Module II. How television news is organized
  • Module III. How to talk on TV
  • Module IV. Communication and scenic coaching
  • Module V. Information technology
  • Module VI. I am already a television presenter. Now, where do I go?
  • Module VII. Where does the news come from?
  • Module VIII. How to assemble a piece different from what everyone else assembles
  • Module IX. How to make political journalism on television without people changing the chain?
  • Module X. The electoral debate
  • Module XI. Informative manipulation in journalistic companies
  • Module XII. Tv shows. How we organize an entertainment program
  • Module XIII. Address and presentation of current programs
  • Module XIV. Reporterism of current affairs programs
  • Module XV. Audience analysis
  • Module XVI. War journalism
  • Module XVII. event journalism
  • Module XVIII. Sports journalism
  • Module XIX. The reality and the characteristics of the edition in the reality television
  • Module XX. Fashion journalism and society
  • Module XXI. Journalism cofrade
  • Module XXII. New technologies. The 2.0 and its application to the TV
  • Module XXIII. The reporterism of programs


Mobile Learning

Complementary didactic methodology based on the Mobile Learning Training. Free delivery to students Master of last generation study tool.

Professional 1st level trainers

They are the same ones who make the decisions every day in the main television channels of Andalusia and in the national delegations of reference. They are the ones who are going to teach everything there is to know.

The best teams

Last generation editing tools, with an IMAC classroom conditioned to the needs, with own voice recording equipment, with a radio recording studio, and with a television set.

Classes 100% face-to-face

Intensive schedules to get the most out of it.

Permanent tutoring

Three permanent tutors support the students in the learning process from beginning to end of the Master, which will conclude with a space that summarizes everything you have learned and that will serve as a videobook.

We are going to work with reality

You will have ahead not only the best materials to tell stories, but also, we will work in the places where they are produced. Practical assumptions Exercises with brutes and real situations. Edition of the same. Field work. Press conferences.

Specific seminars

Compilation of all the necessary workshops for the development of knowledge. Grouping of concepts from the corporal expression to the diction and the locution. Valorization of the image as an element and of the personal image.

Complementary activities

Sharing and contrasting with heads of the Cabinet and those responsible for public and private media, as well as with companies.

Master's Thesis Projects

Each work session will involve writing their corresponding practices. The Final Master's Project will consist in the writing and editing of all those contents. The final product, either in informative format or program, will be a television space with the theme that we have developed. You have come to learn TV and you will have to show that you know about TV.


The School of Business of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, and within the training programs that contemplate it, master's degree, higher education and expertise, assumes the objective of preparing its students for their next integration into society through the development of their capabilities

To do this, ensure that they obtain professional experience through the completion of internships in companies that facilitate their incorporation into the job market being the perfect complement to their training in the classroom.

With the realization of these practices, the following specific objectives are pursued:

  • Contribute to the comprehensive training of students completing their theoretical and practical learning.
  • Facilitate the knowledge of the work methodology appropriate to the professional reality in which the students will have to operate, contrasting and applying the acquired knowledge.
  • Encourage the development of technical and transversal competences (social and attitudinal).
  • Obtain a practical experience that facilitates the insertion in the labor market and improves future employability in the local, national and international labor market.
  • Favor the values of innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and the globalization of the labor market.

Below are some of the companies that have signed an internship agreement with the Business School:

  • Lavinia Global SLU
  • Happy Ending TV
  • Real Betis Balompie
  • CBMedia Servicios de Producción, SL

The internships are not compulsory for obtaining the Master's Degree.

Participants and Scholarships

Students with future projection

Students coming from Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, Advertising, or the Double Degree who are interested in participating in the television event, and above all, in television in front of the camera. You may have absolute command of some subjects. You may have experience as an editor, as an editor, or as a filmmaker. But here we propose to take a step further. We propose you to tell stories in the most current formats, and above all, do it yourself. We give you the possibility to take advantage of the opportunities that the camera gives you.

Professionals from the sector who want to recycle or specialize in this area.

Versatile students

We complete the training of journalists. This is a transversal Master. We are not going to teach you Politics. We will not teach you Sports, or Culture, or Courts. That you should know about the grade. Our goal is to show you what you have to say and how to take advantage of the time you have to become a good television editor.


Postgraduate and unemployed for master programs:

Scholarships up to 50% discount of the total amount of tuition.

Affinity camera:

Scholarships from 10% to 100% discount of the registration fee.

Foreign students:

Scholarships of 30% discount of the registration fee.

Junior employment scholarships:

They offer the student the possibility of taking a Master at cost 0 and at the same time, to the company, they give him the opportunity to have a professional granted for 12 months.

EUSA and NP alumni scholarships:

These alumni can benefit from an automatic 30% discount on the total amount of the face-to-face courses (Master's, Expert's, Higher Programs or modules that are integrated in any of the above). The beneficiaries of this scholarship will not receive the tablet-type electronic device (IPAD) since it was given to them as a study tool to complete the degree or higher cycle.

International troyes scholarships:

An academic and work experience is very convenient to finish training the current professionals in an increasingly global and demanding business market. In this context, the Master's students of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville will be able to study and carry out internships abroad thanks to the collaboration agreement signed with the Groupe Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Troyes in Champagne, by which the students of both institutions have the possibility of obtaining double degrees in both institutions, attending both programs.


Workers bonuses:

This course can be rewarded according to the Continuing Education system through the monthly Social Security contribution bulletins. All procedures must be done at least 7 days before the start of the course. See conditions.

Free management:

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville will manage the existing aid free of charge.

Shuttle project:

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville is committed to the promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit and the development of entrepreneurship, rewarding three Master's projects, with a check of services valued at 6000 euros, including staying for 6 months in the Business Incubator of the Chamber of Sevilla.

Possibility of financing:

Check conditions according to each case.

(Consult the regulatory base for scholarships and grants)

Program taught in:

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