Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport

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Program Description

Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport

International University of Monaco

Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport

Peace building, peace promotion and peace education are long term and multifaceted endeavors.

Building sustainable peace requires specific skills in diplomacy and conflict resolution, but it also implies implementing ambitious educational processes for future generations.

Promoting sustainable peace involves teaching, learning and transmitting a set of values that help transcend political, social, racial and religious differences that, today, are often at the origin of conflicts.

It is crucial in complex environments to keep a pragmatic approach and act at the heart of vulnerable communities where tensions are latent, peace is fragile and social cohesion is weak.

In order to be effective, international organizations, governments, and the world´s decision-makers need to develop innovative strategies and deploy means that are inspiring to tackle social issues whilst adequately meeting the needs of specific local environments.

Sport represents an appropriate response to these requirements as it is a universal language based on a unique set of rules. As such, sport can be used as a catalyst for dialogue, brotherhood and respect and enable fostering peace at two levels:

• An inter-state level through "sport diplomacy" and transborder reconciliation policies

• An intra-state or community level, where sport creates bridges between people and groups

The Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport (MSPS) has been designed with the contribution of individuals and experts from the worlds of peace, sport and academia. This innovative program will lead to the genesis of a body of "Engineers for Peace through Sport" capable of making peace through sport become a reality.

Learning Outcomes

The Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport program is a multidisciplinary program which seeks to educate and train an elite group of "Engineers for Peace through Sport", able to harness the potential of sport as a strategic tool dedicated to building and promoting sustainable peace across the globe.

Designed for students and executives, this innovative Master program combines solid academic knowledge and practical skills, such as:

• Developing and maintaining operational competencies in designing and implementing peace-building, peace promotion and peace education programs through sport
• Understanding and leveraging diplomacy through sport
• Teaching and promoting the values of sport as a tool for social cohesion and peace education
• Advising decision makers and political leaders in creating concerted sports policies for sustainable peace
• Benefiting from solid skills in the field in various environments such as post-conflict areas, areas of extreme poverty and regions suffering from a lack of social cohesion
• Intervening in impoverished and vulnerable communities
• Designing sport programs to address social issues involving international and national sport governing bodies
• Activating international organizations, NGOs, civil society and local players
• Creating cooperation between actors and promoting strategic partnerships
• Designing, implementing, developing, and monitoring a program until it becomes self-sufficient
• Fund-raising to promote initiatives
• Empowering human capital and training field-workers and staff


The Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport program has three major instructional components: the core courses, the electives, and the professional immersion.

Some of the core courses

• Foundation Course in Peace and Conflict Studies
• Peacebuilding and Sports (governance, NGOs and federations)
• International Organizations & NGOs
• Sustainable Development and Social Entrepreneurship
• Human Rights and International Humanitarian Laws

Some of the electives

• Negotiation and Mediation Techniques for Peace-building
• Peace Education
• Family, Health and HIV/AIDS Issues
• Human Vulnerability and Climate Change
• Environmental Security and Urban Issues

Career Opportunities

The Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport offers graduates a wide range of career opportunities in the world of sport, peace education and in public and private sectors.

After having successfully completed the Master program, "Engineers for Peace through Sport" will have the skills and competencies to implement concrete and adequate actions to promote sustainable peace through sport.

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