The purpose of the master's degree program "Strategic Management and Business Development" is to train professional managers with skills in strategic management and business development, able to lead, manage and develop functional economic organizations on a global market, within a constantly changing business environment. This program also aims at developing the entrepreneurial spirit of students and to direct them to some less covered areas, where competition is not very strong. The program is focused precisely on this dimension of leadership and on training leaders able to earn legitimacy to the group, to activate and energize the group and especially to offer an intrinsic motivational support to ensure the maximum efficiency on the organizational level.

What competencies can you acquire?

► Professional Competencies:

  • Evaluating opportunities and risks specific to the business environment in order to design organizational changes;
  • Making decision scenarios and forecasting their potential impact;
  • Applying strategic management systems under certainty, uncertainty, and risk;
  • Revaluating the entrepreneurial skills in a competitive environment;
  • Analyzing and interpreting market information for decision making in business;
  • Substantiating strategic decisions to attract and retain customers, using modern sale methods and techniques.

► Transversal Competences:

  • Applying the rules and values of professional ethics in decision making and achieving independently or in groups the complex tasks / objectives at work;
  • Planning and organizing human resources within a group or an organization, being aware of the responsibility for professional results;
  • Assuming the need for continuous training to create the premises for career development and adapting the professional and managerial skills to a dynamic economic environment.

Who can apply?

At the competition for admission to the master's program can participate Romanian citizens and other member states of the European Union, the states belonging to the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation on the same terms provided by law for Romanian citizens, including those regarding the tuition fees. Diaspora and citizens of third countries may participate in admission under the law in force, bilateral and unilateral offers of Romania and special methodologies developed by the Ministry of National Education for them. Evaluating candidates for the places in the contest fee is based on the average graduation exam, according to the Methodology for admission to Master's degree.

The candidate’s evaluation process for the subsidized places is based on writtea n test (multiple choice questions test that will concern the contents of two specialized subjects). The test will be written in English. The grade obtained in the written test is minimal 5.

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