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Program Description

In recent years, the evolution of the world economy and financial markets has been affected by five factors:

  • The growing globalization of economic activity in general and of financial activity in particular.
  • The accelerated process of economic and financial concentration.
  • The increase of business competitiveness.
  • The liberalization of markets.
  • Changes in the management of companies, increasingly oriented to the creation of value.

These characteristics have given rise to the appearance of new products and financial markets, as well as to important changes in the techniques of financial resources management. The main consequence is that there have been profound transformations in the functions and objectives of the financial departments.

Currently, the CFO must no longer only perform control tasks, although these are still his responsibility, but his added value as a professional will be given by his ability to analyze and solve problems, so his actions and competencies should be oriented to a greater involvement in the strategic management of the value of the company. The market demands more flexible financial managers for two reasons: the responsibility of the CFO within the different areas of the company is expanding and the dynamism of the economy forces them to be increasingly alert from the financial point of view.

The Master in Stock Market & Trading is designed to prepare financial managers who know how to face economic changes with the necessary solvency and anticipation required by current organizations. Finance professionals who are flexible, know how to direct and lead teams, have the appropriate capabilities to generate value at all times, allocate and distribute financial resources in the most efficient way possible and, above all, contribute to the management of the company to when it comes to achieving your goals thanks to your strategic vision.

Master in Stock Market & Trading - Campus Barcelona

The purpose of the Master in Stock Market & Trading is to prepare professional financial managers who can adequately adapt to the daily changes experienced by the stock market, capable of effectively leading teams designated by the company itself.

Master in Stock Market & Trading - Campus Madrid

You can enroll in the Master in Stock Market & Trading also at the Madrid Campus. Learn from the best professionals and become one of the best financial managers in the job market.


Reasons for taking the Master in Stock & Trading at EAE Business School

  1. Employability
    The Professional Careers service is focused on guiding and accompanying the student to achieve their professional objectives, as well as achieving a greater adjustment between their expectations and interests with the labor market.

  2. International Talent Program
    Program aimed at students who aspire to international professional development, with the aim of giving them maximum visibility among multinational companies that collaborate with EAE . To this end, activities such as Employment Workshops, headhunters interviews and access to international selection consultants from different parts of the world are organized.

  3. Finance Advisory Board
    The master's degree curriculum is developed jointly with the Advisory Board of the Finance area, made up of 21 professionals from companies such as Zurich, Nike, Agbar, Affinity Petcare, Day Group, Schroders or Marcilla, among others.

  4. EAE in the rankings
    In the Top 100 worldwide of best masters of Finance (ranking QS Global Masters 2018). In the Top 100 worldwide of the best finance masters (Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking Worldwide 2016-2017).

  5. EFPA certification of the EFA
    Upon completion of the master's degree, the student will have the option to take the € FPA certification exams, EFA Level (European Financial Advisor). Thus, the program devotes several face-to-face sessions to the preparation of the EFPA exams through real questionnaires.

  6. Stock and Finance Plan
    The treatment of all the aforementioned matters comes together in the realization of a Final Project, whose content will be a real case of advice and financial planning on heritage data and the evolution of real markets.

  7. Direct contact with the sector
    EAE is a member of ACCID (Catalan Association of Accounting and Management) and AECA (Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration). Thanks to these agreements, program participants benefit from the activities and benefits offered by both associations during the course.

  8. Business Networking
    Through the Business Networking cycle, the student will attend a series of meetings with and professionals from large companies, as well as other EAE students, thanks to which the participants have the possibility to expand their network of professional contacts.

  9. Soft Skills Program
    The objective of the Soft Skills program is for the participating professional to complete their training with the strategic mobilization of their personal skills. It consists of ten independent monthly workshops organized according to the Emotional Competencies Model.

  10. Major Minor
    EAE has launched for the first time in Spain the North American methodological system based on Major and Minor, which replaces the traditional method of electives choice.

  11. International Residential Program
    The student will have the option, at the end of the school period, to complete a two-week residential stay at ESG UQAM School of Management - Univérsité de Québec (Montreal, Canada). This program has an additional cost.

  12. EAE Emprende
    The objective is to provide the necessary resources and environment for EAE entrepreneur students to develop new business ideas. We accompany the needs of entrepreneurs and investors, as well as those of our students and researchers. Among the services we offer, we can highlight the Training, the Financing and the Accompaniment to the entrepreneur student of EAE .


Requirements and Admission

Double Degree

People who successfully complete the program will obtain a Master's degree in Stock Market & Trading from EAE Business School . In addition, participants who meet the established academic requirements will obtain a master's degree from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (if the program is carried out in Barcelona).

In order to obtain the qualifications granted by universities, it is necessary to comply with the requirements that both institutions request.

Admission process

The fundamental objective of our admission process is to ensure the suitability of the candidates, through their professional trajectory and academic curriculum. All participants should get the most out of this learning experience, through a context in which it is possible to develop a long-term relationship with classmates, teachers and alumni.

To start the admission process it is necessary to fill in the corresponding form, so that the candidate's profile can be evaluated by our Academic Committee. If the Admission resolution issued by the Academic Committee to the Master in Stock Market & Trading is positive, the candidate may formalize his / her registration for this Master.


Professional outings

The Career Careers Service of EAE Business School is responsible for creating new job opportunities that guide and accompany the student, with an analysis of their profile, to achieve their professional goals and adjust their expectations and interests to the labor market.

The Careers Department also organizes events to promote employability such as the Online Employment Forum; the Bank of Opportunities with more than 6,000 job offers published per year; or the International Talent Program, aimed at students seeking international development and visibility in multinational companies, with workshops and interviews with headhunters from different parts of the world. EAE also participates in the employability programs of brands with great projection such as L'Oreal, Banco Sabadell, Leroy Merlin, Kyocera, Schneider Electric, IBM, among others, to which students have access.

Main outputs of the Master in Stock Market & Trading

Some of the professional profiles for which the master qualifies are:

  • Financial Agent
  • Investment fund analyst
  • Equity analyst
  • Fixed-income asset analyst
  • Market risk analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Design of structured products
  • Executive of private banking and personal banking
  • Private banking manager
  • Manager of collective investment institutions
  • Professional of securities and stock companies, portfolio management companies and investment entities
  • Professional of financial department or of threeorería of companies
  • Wealth Manager

Some data from our Employment Report

  • 93% of students find work within six months after completing the program
  • 34% increased their salary up to 30% one year after completing the master's degree
  • 67% of students have achieved a job opportunity through some of the available routes through EAE Business School
  • 74% accept a new profession offer after graduation
Last updated Sep 2020

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