This three-semester, internationally-oriented course of study is designed to meet the demands of the industry for highly motivated, team-oriented software experts.

Students learn and apply state-of-the-art technology and standards in the fields of software development, information management, computer networks, and electronic commerce. Most recent theories, techniques, and standards in the fields of software development, data management, and computer networking are to be imparted to students in scientific terms. Students from the European Union may also study part-time. The part-time program lasts five semesters.

Career Prospects

The master program in Software Technology prepares for leadership and development tasks. Upon successful completion, there is a variety of applications with very good career opportunities in IT and telecommunications companies, in research and development departments of industrial and commercial enterprises as well as in software houses and consultancies. The degree qualifies for a possible promotion.


The first and second semesters covers advanced theories, methods and techniques in the field of software development, data management, project management and computer networking.

Amongst others, these comprise the lectures in Advanced Topics in Software Engineering, Databases, and Software Project Management as well as lectures in System Design and Middleware Technology. An elective module in each semester allows deeper knowledge of formal methods e.g. »Cryptographic Algorithms« and in newest technological issues e.g. »Business Intelligence«.

A large software-project – spanning the whole second semester – gives practical foundation to theories and methods for the Master thesis in the third semester. The master thesis is usually done in industry and focuses on the application of scientific methods in a real-life environment.

Master Thesis

The thesis is usually written in cooperation with local companies and comprises analysis, design, implementation, and testing of certain software components, related to the modules taught in the course.

Admission Prerequisites

Applicants for the master program Software Technology must possess a university degree with grades significantly above average either in computer science requiring at least 3 years of university study or equivalent knowledge degree with knowledge in Database Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms, Object-oriented Programming, Software Engineering, Software Project Management and Distributed Systems.

Further, all applicants, except native speakers, must turn in results of an English language test either TOEFL or IELTS to demonstrate their ability to actively participate in English language classes and write a master thesis.

Program taught in:
  • English
This course is Campus based
Start Date
3 - 5 semesters
1,500 EUR
The enrolment fee amounts to Euro 178,60 for each semester. Tuition fees of €1500 per semester apply for non-EU students.
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