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The main objective is to offer attendees a broad, practical and detailed knowledge about the opportunities offered by Digital Marketing and Social Media tools for institutions, companies and professionals from all sectors.

This Master program is aimed at those people who want to focus their work as specialists in Digital Marketing and Social Media in the most strategic aspects of management, recruitment, digital actions and analysis of social networks, in line with corporate objectives.

One of the fundamental objectives of this professional will be the total integration of the "on-line" and the offline throughout the organization, through the use of digital marketing techniques and tools.

Therefore, the participants will be offered the necessary knowledge to create and direct the Social Media strategy in the organization, to manage digital communities, to offer high-impact digital actions and take advantage of all the actions developed in line with the objectives.

To this end, teaching sessions, workshops of all areas, assignments and exams will be held, aimed at immediate professional implementation.

The itinerary of this Master in Social Media and Digital Marketing program entails the completion and passing of the following programs: Expert:

Expert Community Manager Expert in Digital Marketing

The objectives to achieve are:

  • Acquire notions of strategy and business management, in order to ensure the integration of the professional and their work in the corporate culture, as well as the coordination of their work with that of other professionals in the organization.
  • Develop skills and competencies necessary for the professional work of a digital consultant.
  • To know in depth the functioning of the different platforms of social and professional networks to incorporate them according to objectives to the professional experience of the student.
  • Learn the management of digital strategies applicable to each business project.
  • Know the keys to search engine positioning and analytics of results.
  • Acquire knowledge of business management and applied marketing.
  • Master the creation and management of a strategic marketing plan Digital and social media.
  • Knowing different digital marketing strategies and their implementation.
  • Master the concepts and operations of the start-up of online sales, as well as its technical development principles.
  • Development of development and web programming / layout skills that make us capable of understanding the language in which a master profile should be developed.


Expert in Community Manager

  1. Strategic planning and marketing fundamentals
  2. Profile of the digital manager
  3. Platforms in social networks
  4. Development and content management
  5. Seo visibility
  6. Digital advertising and management systems
  7. Analytics and monitoring
  8. Business skills

Practical Workshops

Expert in Digital Marketing

  1. Digital economy and marketing
  2. Internet of things
  3. Digital strategy in the company
  4. Digital marketing campaigns
  5. Electronic commerce
  6. Advanced analytics and monitoring
  7. Advanced SEO positioning
  8. Business skills

Practical Workshops


The Chamber of Commerce of Seville will offer guaranteed places for internships in local companies. The non-labor practices are voluntary, unpaid and with a duration of 4 months.

At the beginning of the Academic Program the student can request the realization of Non-Labor Practices (non-compulsory) in some of the most relevant companies in Seville in the sector of activity of the master, which improves their employability, through the different advantages they provide to the students:

  • The practices will be added to your CV as a relevant activity during your training course.
  • They will give you the confidence to face any job interview: a confidence based on real work experience.
  • They will have a differential advantage compared to other candidates when looking for a job.

The internships last for four months, are held during the academic year and require an exclusive dedication of between 25 and 30 hours per week, being perfectly compatible with the class schedule of the course. The internships are not compulsory for obtaining the degree.

The practices usually start in March and take place in the morning, although these characteristics may vary depending on the company and the circumstances in which they are carried out.

The list of local companies is made up of Sevillanas companies with a higher volume of turnover or for their formative interest. Students from other provinces, such as Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada and Málaga will also be assisted in their demand for an internship position in their demarcation companies, although in this case the practices are not guaranteed:

  • Comunicaweb, SLU
  • Estructuras Bioclimáticas Avanzadas, SL
  • Badminton Club Rinconada - Sevilla
  • Grupo R Queraltó, SA
  • Empremedia, SL
  • Suma Networking
  • Doblerc Comunicaciones, SL
  • Liciti Gestion Integral, SL
  • Sizet Experience, SL
  • Jumpers Communication
  • Delem Ocio, SL
  • Casas Asin, SL
  • Imagina Andalucía Exclusivas De Publicidad, SL
  • Xtrared, SL
  • Ignus Community
  • Visual-Click.Com/Visual Optica Nerva, SL
  • Letter B Comunicación Visual, SL
  • Boxpmo Projects, SL
  • Isersys Communication
  • Anagram Communication
  • Grubenort, SL
  • Segurosveterinarios Online, SL
  • Infotrading Creativo, SL
  • Jozae, SL
  • Par 3 Studio
  • Beyond People, SL
  • City Council Of Bormujos
  • Es.Cultura Events
  • Ribeca Consultores, SC
  • Biable, SL
  • Parnass Communication
  • Ceres Communication
  • Inerco Corporacion Empresarial, SL
  • Bcm ETT
  • Speaking School, SL
  • Marlo Technologies
  • Inficon Global, SL
  • Racormance, SL
  • Agencia Andaluza De Promocion Exterior, SA
  • The Giraldillo Comunicación Cultural, SL
  • Hardwork International Trading, SL
  • Plasticosur, SA
  • Maestranza Consultores, SL
  • Edutravel Consultores, SL
  • Ad-Lib Electronics, SL
  • Eusa SLU
  • Indica Sur, SL
  • Innofabri, SL
  • Clicgoo Goods
  • Molina, Flamenco Fashion (Confecciones Molina, SL)
  • Merkinsio SL
  • Bubo Car Certificated, SL
  • Miveri Health Solutions, SL
  • Device Push
  • Innovahealth, SL (Healthinn)
  • Open Webinar
  • Generate Mobile Solutions SA
  • Sedemo Consultoria, SL
  • Fordes, SL
  • Laboratories Bio-Dis España, SL
  • Wearit, SL
  • Brandmedia, SL
  • Boxpmo Projects, SL
  • Audit And Consulting Of Privacy And Security, SL
  • Gómez Maqueda, SA
  • Club Antares (Cefna Slu)
  • Atc3
  • Invertions Plus, SL
  • Singular People Andalucía, SL
  • Plagas Online, SL
  • Gestrafic Foundation
  • Es.Cultura Eventos (Ibérica De Servicios Sc)
  • Six60 Communication, S. Coop. And.
  • Estar Asalvo, SL
  • Asistencias De Tecnicas Reunidas, SL
  • Your Consulting In La Nube, SC
  • Rental Mode, SL
  • Nicolás Escudero Jiménez
  • Argania Travel
  • Indutextil JRSL
  • Sinae
  • J.Huesa, SL
  • Iwantic
  • Redgreen Shopping, SL
  • Avantine Consultores, SL
  • Inventtatte, SL
  • Idetia Tecnología E Innovación, SL
  • Medios En Red Digital Agency, SL
  • Food Bank Foundation of Seville
  • Lina 1960, SL
  • Oleoestepa SCA
  • Alemany Marketing, SL
  • Clientissimo, SL
  • Clientissimo, SL
  • Panambi Collection, SL
  • Aceites Cazorla SCA
  • Bosado, SL
  • Estefania Leiva Alba Twelve
  • Portal 14 Agency
  • Empremedia, SL
  • Avantine
  • Singularize Spain Travel Group, SL
  • Advertising Y Dsieño Divergia, SL

Participants and Scholarships

Directed to Managers, Directors, Marketing and Communication Managers, Press Cabinets, Publicists, Journalists and any professional from the public or private sector interested in optimizing and professionally specializing in the new marketing and communication channels.

Autonomous and entrepreneurial, who wish to perfect and update their knowledge and skills in the field of e-marketing and the intelligent use of social networks in a practical way.


Postgraduate and unemployed for master programs:

Scholarships of 20% up to 50% off the total amount of tuition.

Affinity camera:

Scholarships from 10% to 100% discount of the registration fee.

Foreign students:

Scholarships of 30% discount of the registration fee.

Junior employment scholarships:

They offer the student the possibility of taking a Master at cost 0 and at the same time, to the company, they give him the opportunity to have a professional granted for 12 months.

International troyes scholarships:

An academic and work experience is very convenient to finish training the current professionals in an increasingly global and demanding business market. In this context, the Master's students of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville will be able to study and carry out internships abroad thanks to the collaboration agreement signed with the Groupe Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Troyes in Champagne, by which the students of both institutions have the possibility of obtaining double degrees in both institutions, attending both programs.


Workers bonuses:

This course can be rewarded according to the Continuing Education system through the monthly Social Security contribution bulletins. All procedures must be done at least 7 days before the start of the course. See conditions.

Free management:

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville will manage the existing aid free of charge.

Shuttle project:

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville is committed to the promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit and the development of entrepreneurship, rewarding three Master's projects, with a check of services valued at 6000 euros, including staying for 6 months in the Business Incubator of the Chamber of Sevilla.

Possibility of financing:

Check conditions according to each case.

(Consult the regulatory base for scholarships and grants)

Program taught in:

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Nov 18, 2019
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