Master in Social, Health and Organisational Psychology


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Program Description

Project-X parties organised via Facebook. Unhealthy eating habits. Workplace bullying. Although a wide range of issues, the same rule applies to all of them: it comes down to the way in which people affect each other's behaviour. In this Master’s programme, you study human behaviour and behaviour change in a social, health, or organisational context.


During this Master’s programme, you will choose between the following three tracks:

  • Social Influence: about the social influence of behaviour and attitude change
  • Health Promotion: about improving health-related behaviour
  • Work and Organisation: about the functioning and wellbeing of individuals and teams in organisations

By choosing a track and elective courses you can explore your personal field of interest.


This Master’s programme connects closely to our research programmes Social-cognitive and Interpersonal Determinants of Behaviour, Health Psychology: Self-regulation, and Work and Organisational Psychology. Connecting theory and practise is essential in our Master's. You will develop theory-driven interventions by means of the PATH model (Problem-Analysis-Test-Help).

Do you want to know more about our research? Watch the videos of Professor Belle Derks about Work and Organisational Psychology (in Dutch) or about Social Psychology by Professor Kees van den Bos. A video of Professor Denise de Ridder about Health Psychology: Self-regulation will follow soon.

International orientation

The courses in this Master's programme are rooted in international scientific literature and are focused on the international context. You can do your internship and/or thesis abroad or in (international) organisations in the Netherlands, such as Trendsactive, Coca Cola, Hays, Sogeti (in Dutch), Philips and Nutrica.

As our student, you are primarily responsible for finding your own internship organisation. The department of Social, Health and Organisational Psychology has a database of internship organisations and has an international network you can use.

Programme Objectives

You will gain specialised knowledge, skills and insights in the fields of Social Psychology, Health Psychology and/or Work and Organisational Psychology. Your development as an academic professional is of central concern.

As a Master's graduate, you will be able to analyse and propose interventions for social, health or organisational issues, such as:

  • Integration and participation issues
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Employability of employees
  • Innovation and performance in organisations
  • Radicalisation
  • Gender inequality
  • Self-regulation issues
  • Health-related behaviour

Entering the Labour Market

The knowledge and skills you gain in this Master's programme provide access to a broad spectrum of occupational opportunities. Graduates get (sometimes after a traineeship or further education) a large variety of jobs in commercial organisations and in the public sector. You can also start your own company. Due to the strong international focus of our programme, you are an attractive employee for organisations from all over the world.

Professional jobs

  • Organisational consultant (KPN, Berenschot or Cap Gemini)
  • Trainer, coach (Pure Talent, Universities of Applied Sciences)
  • Expert in behaviour change (d&b, Milieu Centraal, Arcadis Nederland)
  • Health psychologist (Nutricia, Philips, Local Community Health Service (GGD), first-line basic healthcare institutions (e.g. general practitioners))
  • Project manager (Team Alert, Publicis Amsterdam)
  • Consultant for public communication (Hilversum Media Campus, NPO)
  • Consultant for marketing or advertising (Coolblue, STER reclame,
  • Consultant for recruitment & selection, HRM (Yacht, Hays, Akerendam, CEB, Randstad)
  • Consultant for policymakers (Government, ministries, township, NS (in Dutch))
  • Work psychologist (Falke & Verbaan, Volker Wessels)
  • Researcher (TNO, Trendsactive, Motivaction, TNS NIPO,, Toota Research, CBS, Ipsos, Anti Discriminatie Bureau Radar)

Last updated May 2020

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Founded in 1636, Utrecht University is an esteemed international research university, consistently positioned number one in The Netherlands, 14th in continental Europe and the worldwide top 100 of int ... Read More

Founded in 1636, Utrecht University is an esteemed international research university, consistently positioned number one in The Netherlands, 14th in continental Europe and the worldwide top 100 of international rankings, and member of the renowned European League of Research Universities. Read less