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Program Description

The annual Shoe Design program aims to train young professionals who can produce any type of footwear, developing various bases for the perfect realization.

A shoes designer learns how to design and create any type of footwear in relation to trends, knowing in depth the materials to be used and their components, being able to work as a creator of an original line, as a collaborator of a stylist, or in the field of business as a creative consultant or directly in the laboratory prototypes.

The direct relationship that IFDA has with leading quality companies in the sector (from style offices to large brands, from laboratories to companies supplying materials and components), guarantees a concrete and tangible preparation.

Participation in seminars and the most important world trade fair in the sector "Lineapelle", supports and helps students to have a direct relationship with this specific professional sector.

These are the three skills and professional figures that will be formed through the program of studies:

  • Fashion designer for footwear
  • Cool-hunter
  • Understanding modeling and prototyping

Some of the fashion professionals involved:

  • Armando Pollini (Pollini Design)
  • Angelo Mella (Guru and legendary prototypist C. Louboutin, M. Blahnik, Chanel, etc.)
  • Emidio Summonte (Fashion designer Versace accessories)
  • Alice Lissoni (Senior designer Luciano Soprani, Allegri)
  • Carlo Dal Monte (Industrial, owner of a shoe factory, where the shoes of Manolo Blahnik, etc.)

Course Program

  • Hints at the History of Footwear
    Study of the history of costume and fashion with particular attention to accessories often used as objects of embellishment or enhancement of the dress worn.
  • Design
    Project and concept of starting a collection from various sources (magazines, books, photos, news, nature, etc.)
  • Technical Design
    Technical drawing to drawing attention to the geometry with the use of tools such as squares, protractors, scales.
    We will review all those basic bases of classic geometry (angles, points, etc ..) useful to draw in a technical way the elaborate sketches of the shoes.
  • Fashion Design
    These are extremely important lessons in fashion design, where the notion of design and the history of the accessory will be recalled.
  • Drawing and Copying from Life
    Here, too, the aptitude for drawing is developing more and more, with the immediacy and ease necessary to copy from life an accessory placed in front of it.
  • Various Drawing Techniques
    Customization of the design based on the character evolution of one's ability as a young designer.
  • Creative and Ideational Skills, Cool Hunting
    The ability of the "problem solving", of creative immediacy and freshness of the collection project implemented.
  • Illustration and Sketch
    Illustrate and present in the best or most creative way possible a "mood" of the collection with the setting of the same (posters). The sketch will be the fastest form of drawing to assemble in a short time the collection project to be illustrated.
  • Graphic Design
    Work processing by computer with a vector program.
  • Decoration
    Closely linked to the signage or setting of the collection (mood).
  • Technical Data Sheet of the Shoe
    Sheets where to insert all the three-dimensional sections of the drawn product, with relative descriptions of all those details suitable to personalize the studied product (zip, colors, materials, accessories, seams and/or welds, etc.)
  • Collection
    Creation of collections of accessories aimed at the target audience.
  • Portfolio
    A book useful to insert the best projects or best project developed in the course of studies.
  • Materials (new technology)
    Study of the materials used for the realization of the product "shoe" (leather, fabrics, plastics, etc.)

Visits are planned at fashion studios, showrooms or companies, to support training and understand the sector's buying system.

Certificate: IFDA is certified ISO 9001 for the educational system of quality, sector EA 37 Nr. SQ164098, and releases certificates recognized at international level.

Last updated Feb 2020

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