Master in Serious Games


Program Description

Do you enjoy making up games, and do you have the ambition to convert your ideas into games for computers or mobiles? In the Serious Games Master’s programme, you will learn to develop games that feature exciting elements, with the aim of conveying something beyond mere entertainment. This could involve the creation of games for, for example, training, educational or marketing purposes.

There are many business sectors in which there is a growing interest in using game mechanics in order to draw attention to an issue or to focus on a certain form of behavior. This could, for example, involve the creation of motivational training material for employees. Serious Games gives you exactly the right conditions to enable you to create games-based systems for purposes other than pure entertainment.

The focus of your studies

This programme is largely project-oriented. This means that you will work on a project for a client in order to explore how games can add value to their business. You will analyze the needs of the company, and develop a game in accordance with these needs.

You will also study game design, become familiar with leading research, and learn about how scientific methods are used in the evaluation of games and their applications. In the final term, you will conduct a small-scale research project related to serious games.

Serious Games is an international programme, and all tuition is conducted in English.

The master’s programme starts in the autumn semester. It is offered in one academic year (two semesters).

Is this programme suitable for me?

Serious Games programme is suitable for you if you have a background in computer game development, game design, computer science, media or similar disciplines. The most important consideration is that you have a great interest in games. We believe that creative interaction between people with different backgrounds is beneficial for the field of serious games.

Upon completion of your studies

A developer of serious games is able to work in companies and organizations that develop, adapt or use games for purposes other than mere entertainment. Serious games and gamification are used in many different fields, and for different purposes, including training and education in both the military and civil sectors. There is growing use of game-based teaching in schools, and game-based approaches are applied in many different sectors, such as the computer game industry, advertising, museums, tourism, information systems, and teaching resources. Another area of usage is for training and rehabilitation in the healthcare sector. Usage is growing within a range of industries where there is an increasing need for the development of creative and innovative solutions.

Successful completion of the programme results in a 1-year Master’s degree (60 credits), which can be combined with other advanced studies in the field of computer game development at the University of Skövde. Studies can, for example, be continued for another year in order to gain a Master’s in Information Technology (120 credits).

Research within this field

The area of serious games features many interesting challenges. Just as with our other specialized research concerning games and game development, there are opportunities for future doctoral studies.

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Admission Requirements

To be eligible for the program a Bachelor’s Degree (equivalent to a Swedish Bachelor’s Degree) within the fields of informatics, computer science or digital media studies (or similar).

A further requirement is proof of skills in English equivalent of studies at upper secondary level in Sweden known as English course 6 / English course B. This is normally demonstrated by means of an internationally recognized test, e g IELTS or TOEFL or the equivalent.

Last updated Mar 2020

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