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Program Description


The online Master in SAP Logistics Project Management of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos is one of the best online educational offers for the training of SAP consultants in the market.

It is endorsed by the collaborating companies that demand the profile of the students, and is awarded the SAP Gold Partner Education mention since the 2015-2016 academic year.

This is a master's degree with triple degree: Degree granted by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos , certification as SAP consultant in Processes HANA SCM Sales and Distribution and certification as SAP consultant in Processes HANA SCM Purchases.

Any student who has a higher degree or is in the period of completion can access it. Also and exceptionally, they can also access profiles that, although they do not have a higher degree, have proven professional experience in the area of information technology, logistics or business process organization. No previous computer skills are required.

The master's degree has paid internships and employment opportunities and with more than 30 Consulting Companies that collaborate by incorporating students, either through Paid Practices Agreements or through direct contracts.

On June 22, 2020 the First Edition will begin. We are supported by the VIII Editions that we have been teaching since 2012 in person.

Price: € 8,900


The master's degree will last 480 hours (60 ECTS), structured in four training modules over six months, from June 2020 to December 2020.

Classes will be taught online through the Moodle platform coordinated by the Center for Innovation in Digital Education URJC.

Introduction to Business Processes Module (90 hours-12 ECTS)

  • From business strategy to process redesign
  • Overview of the company's business processes
  • Value Management
  • Logistics area business processes
  • Tools and techniques for data collection: analysis and design of processes in the IT field
  • Circular economy and supply chain

Logistics Processes Module in SAP (270 hrs.-32 ECTS)

  • TERP10 - SAP Overview
  • C_TS460_1809 - SAP HANA Sales (includes certification exam)
  • C_TS450_1809– SAP HANA Sourcing and Procurement (includes certification exam)
  • S4H01-SAP Business Suite to S4 / HANA Delta
  • S4LG1- Innovative Logistics Processes in SAP S / 4 HANA
  • -S4SD1-SAP S / 4HANA Sales - Functions & Innovations

Project Management Module (60 hours-8 ECTS)

  • Introduction to Project Management. PMBOK
  • Integration
  • Scope
  • Time management
  • Cost management. Return of investment
  • Quality management
  • HR Management.
  • Communication management
  • Risk management
  • Contract management
  • AGILE methodology

Skills Management and Personal Development Module (60 hours-8 ETCS)

  • Presentation and communication tools and techniques
  • Conflict resolution techniques. Leadership
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Time management
  • Loyalty economies: customer loyalty. Loyalty to the team
  • Design Thinking

Pre-registration and registration

The application for pre-registration must be made in the registration system of the URJC with the application developed for this purpose through the Internet

The documentation that you will have to attach in the application is the following:

  • Photocopy University degree or official document certifying it
  • Photocopy of your ID or passport
  • 1 passport size photograph
  • Proof of payment of the pre-registration amount (500 Euro)

The pre-registration amount will be deducted from the Master's total upon registration.

The applicants will present all the scanned documentation, in the formats allowed through the telematic application of self-registration at the time of making the application for admission in their own titles.

They must obligatorily attach in their application the declaration of responsibility for the accuracy of the data provided in digital format.

At any time, both the Directorate of the program and the Service of Own Titles may request to the applicants, the presentation of said certified documentation through the General Registry, located in the Móstoles Campus, or in any of the auxiliary records located in the different Campus of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos , or by sending it through Certified Mail to:

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos . General Registry
Avda. Tulipán s / n. 28933
Móstoles Madrid

The student is responsible for the veracity and correctness of the information provided, exonerating the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos from any responsibility and guaranteeing and responding to its accuracy, validity and authenticity.

Last updated Apr 2020

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Bienvenidos a la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Fundada en 1996, nuestra Universidad está a tu servicio, proporcionándote una formación de calidad, a través de una amplia y excelente oferta académica, y ... Read More

Bienvenidos a la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Fundada en 1996, nuestra Universidad está a tu servicio, proporcionándote una formación de calidad, a través de una amplia y excelente oferta académica, y contribuyendo a la vanguardia del conocimiento, cuyo resultado se halla en nuestra investigación científica de proyección internacional. Convencidos de nuestra vocación de servicio público, tanto si eres estudiante, como si estás pensando en estudiar en la URJC, ponemos a tu disposición todas nuestras capacidades para tu formación. Nuestra Universidad te ofrece una plantilla de profesores apasionados por darte la mejor formación. Son, a la vez, profesionales dinámicos, flexibles y adaptados a las nuevas metodologías docentes. También cuentas con unas instalaciones actualizadas y de calidad, así como laboratorios y otros muchos servicios fuera de las aulas. Estudiar en la Rey Juan Carlos supone entrar en un entorno de aprendizaje idóneo que te ayudará a conseguir tus objetivos, tanto personales como profesionales, en el futuro más ilusionante. Read less