Master - Russian Studies

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia announces the enrolling in the Master’s Degree Programme in Russian Studies.

Our Programme is for those, who:

• want to learn about Russia, its modern international relations, political, social and economic conditions as well as various aspects of Russian language, literature, history and culture;

• seek to make a career in international trade and commerce, geopolitics, education, journalism or other related fields, or in a scientific area;

• dream to study in Moscow with other students from other countries, in the international classical University, which holds a leading position in the rankings for several decades and has many years of experience in educating Russian and foreign students.

Master’s Programme in Russia studies helps students to gain fundamental knowledge and skills in multidimensional studying of Russia. Master’s Programme has been developed for holders of the diploma in higher education wishing to study modern issues and trends in the development of Russia.

Choosing the Master’s programme in Russian Studies, you are going to know:

• both Russian and English languages

• relations between Russia and other eastern European nations, these relations traced in a historical retrospective with an emphasis on the modern integrated international and regional studies, and, further, to have the students master the skills of applied analyses of regional priorities of Russia’s foreign policy

• the principles of modern political, social, ethnic and cultural processes in Russia have:

• the skills for professional written translation of official and business documents in the Russian language

• skills of independent study of the present-day situation in all spheres in Russia

• ability to analyse any information relating to Russia and its relations with other countries

• ability to develop a scientific explanation of the chief causes and patterns of economic, social and political processes taking place in Russia, and to disclose their interrelationship and interaction with similar developments at regional and global levels

• all the qualities and skills needed for successful development of business, cultural, diplomatic and other contacts with Russian foreign partners and cooperation with them.

Those who take Russian Studies programme will find themselves well-equipped for positions in:

• diplomatic service,

• public service,

• law and accounting,

• journalism,

• travel and tourism, as well as

• traditional career in teaching and science.

Program taught in:

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Sep 2019
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Sep 2019
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Sep 2019

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