Master in Russian Studies in Real Russia


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Program Description

Russian Studies in Real Russia is an educational project of Ural Federal University that was launched as a short-term program in 2010 by the Chair of Linguistics and Professional Communication in Foreign Languages. The main feature of the program is its interdisciplinary approach and complexity.

Russian Studies in Real Russia as a school for foreigners interested in the Russian language and Russian Studies has successfully grown and developed. Schools of Russian Studies in Real Russia have gathered together more than three hundred foreign students from different corners of the world: China, Germany, Italy, Canada, the USA, Finland, Japan, Turkey, France, Colombia, Egypt, Lebanon, Mongolia, Zambia, Senegal, Indonesia, and many others.

The school is aimed at increasing and upgrading students’ knowledge in the academic field of Russian Studies, namely in historical and modern aspects of Russia, Russian lifestyle, and unique Russian culture, alongside mastering the Russian language.

During the program the participants are engaged in a dynamic student life that is full of classes, workshops, exciting extracurricular activities, which include visiting various sights, theaters, museums, concerts, and trips around the Ural region, and other areas and cities in Russia.

In 2020 Russian Studies in Real Russia opened online Schools, offering an opportunity for those interested in the Russian language and Russia to get knowledge and experience online and remotely, from the comfort of one’s own home.


Advantages of the schools

  • We offer Russian language courses at different levels – from complete beginners to confident advanced learners.
  • We do our best to provide a tailored approach to the needs of every student. Our highly qualified professors and teachers at UrFU will help every learner to make good progress in the Russian language throughout the duration of the program.
  • We provide Russian Language lessons on daily basis, 5 days a week, during on-campus and online schools. Thus, students will be able to communicate online with our certified teachers at Ural Federal University using communicative approaches including online quests, tests, and games for the whole duration of 2- or 3-week courses.
  • In addition, our students will have the opportunity to practice the Russian language with Russian native speakers from Ural Federal University, day by day.
  • Moreover, lectures, seminars, tours, and meetings will not only be conducted by UrFU professors and teachers, but also by special Russian guests who will share online with our students the untold stories about Russian culture, Russian art, sport, history, and politics.
  • For on-campus schools, studying Russia in Ekaterinburg, known as the heart of Eurasia, allows international students to get an understanding of the "Real Russia".
  • Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive certificates from Ural Federal University.
  • The program is 4 ECTS.

Key courses

Russian as a foreign language 

The course of Russian as a foreign language will be held for students of different levels (A0-C1) in groups of 5-10 people.

Beginners will learn the Russian alphabet, work on pronunciation, learning, reading, and understanding basic grammar structures and essential vocabularies. After completing the course, every beginner will be able to survive in the Russian public sphere.

Students with A2 - B1 levels will concentrate on developing language skills for formulating statements, reading and creating more complex texts, and successful performance in everyday situations. After the course, participants will be able to keep up a conversation with any Russian person, understand Russian texts, and send postcards to their beloved ones.

Students with B2 - C1 level will work on reading and understanding modern media and literary texts on sociocultural and official topics, creating monologues and dialogues using different linguistic means, and implementing various speaking strategies. After completing the course, participants will be able to engage in unprepared speech situations and have long conversations with native speakers of the Russian language. 

Russian studies 

Workshops, seminars, excursions, and tours on Russian culture and Russian history.

Additional classes on the topic of the program (e.g. “Russian Woman – Russian Power” on woman and feminism, “Is the grass greener on the Russian side” on ecology, etc.).


Admission requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age by the time the program starts.
  • Have graduated from high school or secondary school or equivalent.
  • Fill in the online application form of the School on the website
  • Present a clear, informative, and a strong motivation letter describing the facts about academic background, knowledge, and skills, and proof of high interest to participate in the school.
  • Have fluency in the English language in order to participate fully in seminars, lectures, tours, workshops, and meetings with special guests on Russian Studies.
  • Be responsible and enthusiastic. 
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About the School

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