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Program Description

The Master in Project Management aims to provide the necessary tools for project management. Nowadays, it is vital for companies and current organizations to know at all times what is the status of the projects in which they are embarked, the scope of those they plan to execute and the results of those that have been completed. Therefore, the figure of the Project Manager and the management of projects and programs are becoming increasingly important in order to propose efficient business strategies.

The current dynamism of the market and the business environment cause companies and organizations to need to manage many projects in parallel. In this environment, the figure of the Project Manager acquires a fundamental importance in organizations and companies of all sizes, since it is a key profile when designing efficient business strategies that take advantage of all the resources we have available.

Choose to train at ENEB , one of the most relevant distance business schools in Europe that allows you to train at the best level, from anywhere and with the daily support of all teachers and tutors.

Who is it for?

The Master in Project Management is designed to train managers who know how to direct, plan, organize and control complex and global projects efficiently and effectively. Professionals trained to lead work teams based on the development of managerial skills and managerial skills. In short, Project Managers who know how to align the current needs of companies in project management with the current requirements posed by the global standard of the Project Management Institute (PMI): minimize risks, create new business opportunities and achieve the objectives planned.124175_Propuesta-imagen-Oferta-Master-en-Project-Management-Keystone.jpg


The curriculum of the Master in Project Management aims to provide the student with the following knowledge and skills:

  • Train expert Project Directors, who know how to achieve the proposed objectives, increase profitability and enhance the overall quality of the project.
  • Develop managerial skills and technical management of human and material resources.
  • Know the standards of the PMP certification.
  • Align the current needs of the companies in the direction of projects with the teaching of the best practices of the market.
  • Know, select and properly use the tools necessary for the budgetary management of a project.
  • Promote decision-making as a manager of complex projects, considering the technical, economic, quality, environmental and risk exposure aspects that encompass it.

Professional outings

The Master in Project Management prepares you to lead any work team such as Project Manager, Operations Director, Director of the Project Management Office (OGP), Program Manager, Portfolio Manager or Online Project Manager.

Triple Titration

At the end of your studies, you will obtain a triple degree issued by the European Business School of Barcelona endorsed and certified by the Isabel I University:

  • Master in Project Management
  • Diploma of Specialization in Coaching and NLP
  • Business English Program Certificate

All our training programs are accompanied by an optional Business level English course, which will allow you to work in an international work environment. In the case that you do not take it you will get a double degree.


The Master in Project Management consists of the following blocks:

  • Block 1. Business Strategy
  • Block 2. Personnel Management and Management Skills
  • Block 3. Coaching
  • Block 4. NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)
  • Block 5. Marketing
  • Block 6. Financial Management
  • Block 7. Project Planning
  • Block 8. Project Financing
  • Block 9. Process Integration
  • Block 10. Quality in the Projects
  • Block 11. Corporate Social Responsibility


In order to combine personal and professional life, the Master in Project Management is taught entirely online. In this way you can access all the training content through our Virtual Campus, this being the main platform of your training, so you can study from anywhere in the world and at any time. All evaluations and final works are also carried out remotely.

Once registered, you will be able to access the Virtual Campus with all the academic resources you need, through which you will obtain a permanent communication between the other students and the professors, you will access discussion forums, you will be able to complete the training in English for executives, you will access the Campus ENEB to meet all your colleagues, among many other possibilities.


Constancy is one of the axes in your training plan. Through the self-assessments that will be provided through the Virtual Campus you can consolidate the knowledge acquired. To pass all the subjects, it is essential to deliver a final paper for each subject. When your team of tutors has evaluated you, you will be able to see your note in the Virtual Campus. Likewise, a document will be sent to your email explaining in detail all the points of your case study.

In the evaluation, your tutors will assess the following aspects:

  • Presentation of the exercise, design, visual richness and spelling.
  • Development of the work, complexity of the statement, logic and coherence in the results obtained in the practical case.
  • Added value in the analysis and development of the proposed case.

It should be remembered that all self-evaluations are voluntary and do not compute for the final grade for each of the subjects.

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Start date: To choose
Duration: 18 months
Price: € 7,200
The price with scholarship is 249 euros.
Deadline: Contact

Last updated Mar 2020

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