Developing in-depth knowledge of all aspects of creative and physical production, Producing Fellows graduate with an ability to think creatively and lead with confidence and authority.

First year Fellows produce three narrative projects in collaboration with Fellows from other disciplines. They participate with their teams in both creative and production meetings, during which their individual projects are discussed and developed. Producing Fellows also attend weekly workshops and seminars where they learn about the producer's role and responsibilities in the filmmaking process.

In the second year, producers team with Fellows in other disciplines to create a short narrative thesis production. Additionally, they are required to develop a feature film or television project as an integral component of their individual thesis portfolio. Producing Fellows also engage in a series of workshops and seminars on all aspects of creative entrepreneurial producing.

First Year Curriculum

  • PRN 510: Introduction to Cycle Production – Boot Camp
  • PRN 511: Cycle Production I
  • PRN 512: Cycle Production II & III
  • PRN 521 & 522: Narrative Workshop and Analysis
  • PRN 532: First Year Development Workshop (Second Term) (1 Credit Hour Total)
  • PRO 511 & 512: Producing Workshop
  • PRO 511.1: Producing Workshop (Development)
  • PRO 521: The Art and Craft of Producing: Line Producing/Dramatic Analysis
  • PRO 522: The Art and Craft of Producing: Part 1 – Creative Producing; Part 2 – Understanding Editing for Creative Producing
  • CON 511 & 512: Master Seminars
  • CON 521 & 522: American Approaches to Film
  • PRO 531: Acting Techniques For Producers
  • Pro 532: Script And Coverage
  • First Year Portfolio Review

Second Year Curriculum

  • PRN 610: Thesis Production – Producing
  • PRN 631 & 632: Second Year Development Workshop
  • PRO 612 & 632: Advanced Producing Workshop: Running the Show; Workshop in Marketing; Storytelling in TV
  • PRO 621 & 622: Advanced Art & Craft of Producing Narrative Entertainment
  • PRO 631: Advanced Business of Producing
  • PRO 641: Physical Production Gateway to Thesis
  • PRO 642: Fast Forward
  • PRO 670: Internship Practicum
  • PRO 690: Thesis Portfolio – Producing
  • CON 621 & 622: World Approaches to Film
  • CON 682: The Profession
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