Master in Practical Data Analysis


Program Description


Program Goals

The program focuses on various applications of data science and data analysis. You will learn how to build artificial intelligence systems using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms.

The program is for software developers and engineers, mathematicians and computer science specialists, who want to move to the data science field. The program is focused on developing artificial intelligence systems and putting them into production.

The program covers three areas:

  • Machine learning algorithms and methods including both classic machine learning and modern deep neural networks.
  • Various applications of machine learning systems such as computer vision, natural language processing, and time series analysis.
  • Software development for building machine learning systems including Python programming, Big Data Processing, and DevOps.

In addition to theoretical courses, the program includes a project workshop. During the workshop, students are working on real data science projects from companies.

Program Advantages

  • The program is implemented in cooperation with SAP company. You will be able to attend several courses from SAP. In addition, you can participate in the research projects at the SAP Next-Gen Lab at Ural Federal University. The Lab`s area of research is building artificial intelligence systems Industry 4.0 companies.
  • You can build a portfolio of data science projects for your resume during project workshops.
  • The students of the Practical Data Analysis program can participate in the UrFU Data Science Competitions Workshop where they participate in the Kaggle ( competitions and are able to develop their Kaggle profile. Expert Kaggle profile is considered as an advantage by many companies that hire data scientists.

Кey Disciplines

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Python for Data Analysis
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Big Data Processing
  • Project Workshop

Career Opportunities

After graduating from the program, you will be able to work in banks, Internet companies, telecom operators, software development companies, artificial intelligence startups, and many other exciting companies.

Possible job positions:

  • Machine Learning Engineer, who develops artificial intelligence systems.
  • Data Engineer, who creates, cleans and curates datasets for machine learning.
  • Big Data Engineer, who is able to prepare and process big amounts of data using distributed computing.

Admission Requirements

  • 4-year Bachelor’s / Specialist’s degree (or equal)

Additional requirements:

  • Knowledge and skills:
    • Foundation of Statistics and Probability Theory.
    • Experience with any programming language. Python will be an advantage.
  • English Language: good command of English.


Can I pay for this program in installments?

The tuition fees can be paid in several installments (up to 6) with the individual payment plans set up upon the student’s arrival and signing of the education contract.

Where is the Campus located?

32 Mira Street, Ekaterinburg.

What other funding options do you have for this program?

It is possible to get a discount for high performance in the Entrance exam.

What documents are required to apply to this program?

All the applicants should submit the following suite of documents to be checked by the Admission board:

  1. Scan of the applicant’s passport
  2. Notarized translation of the applicant’s passport into the Russian language
  3. Previous education documents (Bachelor diploma or equal) with their legalization/apostilles done in accordance with Russian education standards (for more information about these procedures, please see:
  4. Full academic transcript of grades (for the whole period of study)

Please, consider that the documents in English, French, and German are also accepted for preliminary eligibility check. But at the stage of Admission, all the documents require notarized translations into the Russian Language.

What is the admission process for this program?

To get admission to the Master’s Program, you need to go through 2 obligatory procedures, both of which can be performed in distant forms. The admission is granted if both procedures are successfully completed.

  • Document recognition

All the applicants should submit the suite of required education documents (Bachelor’s Diploma + Transcript of grades for the whole period of study) to be checked by the Admission board (the check takes 2-4 days)

  • Interview

Each applicant should pass one entrance exam in the form of an interview via Skype with the Program Administrator. The interview is scheduled individually, all the details should be negotiated with the admissions manager.

Last updated Jan 2020

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