Master in Physics and Technology of Advanced Materials

Universitatea De Vest Din Timisoara

Program Description

Master in Physics and Technology of Advanced Materials

Universitatea De Vest Din Timisoara

The Faculty of Physics offers a Bachelor's program (with three specializations: physics, medical physics, and informatics-physics) and three Master's programs tightly connected to the research performed by the faculty members. Two of the master's programs are given completely in English. These programs are designed to prepare students not only for advanced studies in physics but also for employment upon graduation in physics and other disciplines related to science and technology. Talented students can continue the Master's program with a doctoral project in the Doctoral school of the faculty which is focused on three main topics: materials physics, theoretical and computational physics and medical physics.

The Masters in Physics and Technology of Advanced Materials taught în English, focuses on understanding and manipulating the physical properties of materials to discover new features with application relevance.

Main course titles

  • Complements of theoretical physics.
  • Complements of molecular and atomic physics.
  • Magnetism of nanosystems.
  • Physics of crystallization processes.
  • Plastic sign and object.
  • Complements of the material physics.

What Core Skills are Developed?

General Skills:

  • Creative application of research methods and problem-solving;
  • Elaborating studies and reports for application for publication;
  • Capacity to take creative and independent action in solving problems, critical evaluation, and demonstrative communications;
  • Leadership skills and clear orientation skills to further develop professional growth.

Professional Skills:

  • Capacity to obtain materials with defined properties;
  • Capacity to characterize specific materials properties in relation to their applications;
  • Skills in using laboratory equipment for obtaining crystals and nano-microsystems;
  • Capacity to use experimental techniques to grow laser materials and characterize them by optical and spectroscopic methods;
  • Use of methods for investigation of the structure of materials;
  • Use computer and software for numerical simulation of physical phenomena in crystal growth methods;
  • Learning of a coherent and functional fundamental knowledge systems in material science;
  • Optimization of crystal growth equipment by means of numerical simulation;
  • Comparison of experimental results with theoretical models.

Transversal Skills:

  • Adaptability to new situations by taking decisions and assuming responsibilities;
  • The ability to manage complex projects and to develop partnerships in economic environments;
  • Creativeness and initiative in solving complex problems.

The West University of Timisoara is one of the accredited universities in Romania to organize the Preparatory Year of Romanian Language. This language course is mandatory for students who wish to study in Romanian language and don’t have a language certificate in this sense. During the Preparatory Year students acquire the requisite knowledge of Romanian language as well and specific knowledge correlated with future training profile (anatomy, physics, chemistry, drawing technical etc.) if the curriculum is organized in Romanian.

The link to the program is here.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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Sept. 2018
Romania - Timisoara
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