Master in People Management and Human Resources Management [DRHO]


Program Description

Differential factors

  1. 30 years training professionals in the field of human resources.
  2. A Master in Human Resources designed to define the organizational strategy within the general strategy of the company, contributing to its positioning from HR.
  3. It addresses the HR function from the impact of decisions on the income statement.
  4. Real company cases presented by its protagonists.
  5. First positions in the El Mundo ranking since 2005.

Employability Ratio

  • 6 months after completing the program: 96%
  • One year after finishing the program: 100%

Data of former students of the program

Functional areas that our students occupy

  • 55% Human Resources Development
  • 25% Recruitment and Selection
  • 13% Training and development
  • 7% HR Consulting

Geographical areas where they work

  • 87% Spain
  • 10% LATAM
  • 3% Rest of Europe


The methodology of the program is focused on student learning through the combination of an adequate individual effort and the ability and involvement demonstrated in teamwork.

Tutors, mentors and teachers, facilitate the process of understanding and applying knowledge and transmitting skills.

  • Virtuous circle of action-feedback-analysis-action in the participants of our program.
  • Development of critical thinking, promotion of independent learning (Student Centered Learning).
  • Sessions oriented to decision making.
  • Individual requirement in evaluations, cases, exercises, etc.
  • Team presentation of company cases.
  • Preparation, presentation and defense in groups of a final project supervised.

Methodological Criteria

  • Theoretical component
  • Practical component
  • Works and cases
  • Final project
  • Individual evaluations
  • Group evaluations

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Academic structure

The business fabric demands professionals who know how to respond to the challenge of managing people and achieving efficient organizations. The Master in People Management and Human Resources Management [DRHO] is one of the most complete programs that you can currently find on the market in the training of expert professionals in Human Resources Management. A rigorous program with a long experience, which emphasizes people as strategic assets of companies and future human resources directors as undisputed leaders in this process.

Core modules

Strategic Vision (business).

  • Company and Person in the XXI Century.
  • Competitive environment and labor market.
  • Strategic Direction.
  • Organizational Design.

Technology and HR Tools (Tools and methods)

  • Management by competences.
  • Selection and recruitment in the digital age.
  • Training planning and career plans.
  • Equality and conciliation.
  • Internationalization in the management of people.
  • Compensation policy.
  • Human resource management systems: HRMS and KPIs in HR.
  • Disengagement Policy.
  • Internal Communication Systems.
  • Marketing - Internal Branding.
  • Labor Relations in the Company (individual and collective).
  • The labor inspection.
  • Organizational health, safety and well-being.
  • Compliance. Due Intelligence.
  • Gamification systems for People Management.

People Management Skills (people)

  • Assessment center.
  • Integrating high performance teams.
  • Individual interviews to establish the personal development plan.
  • Neuroscience and behavioral psychology.
  • Performance and talent management.
  • Personal brand and positioning in the labor market.
  • Management leadership and motivation.
  • High Impact Presentations.
  • Marketing and sales techniques in HR.
  • Creativity, decision making and problem solving.
  • Culture, climate management and organizational change.

Cross sessions

  • Business reality - cases and issues of real companies.
  • Internships in companies.


  • TFM


# 27 ESIC among the 27 best International Business Schools in MBA teaching - Bloomberg Business
TOP - ESIC in the top 250 of the best MBA Business Schools in the world - QS
TOP - ESIC in the world top of university centers and business schools - U-Multirank

Last updated Aug 2020

About the School

ESIC is a group of leading business schools in Spain, with an experience of over fifty years of training business and marketing professionals. We strive to incentivize, promote, and maintain a direct ... Read More

ESIC is a group of leading business schools in Spain, with an experience of over fifty years of training business and marketing professionals. We strive to incentivize, promote, and maintain a direct relationship with the business environment in order to provide you with practical academic training that focuses on the needs of the labor market. We offer training with values, to engage successfully as a highly qualified professional with excellent command and knowledge of the latest trends. Read less
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