The Master in Organization of Events, Protocol and Business Tourism of Ostelea aims to train professionals and managers to lead business projects focused on the planning and management of different types of events (especially actions of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions as well as congresses and conventions, professional fairs), dominate the concepts of protocol and communication strategies and public relations and generate a tourism development focused on the segment of quality business tourism, as well as the business perspective necessary to be efficient in the making of decisions.

The Master is taught in Hybrid mode, with a first theoretical part online and a second part of a two-week course in the city of Barcelona.

The theoretical content of this program will be carried out in online methodology, in order to provide the maximum flexibility to the active professional, but without renouncing the presence in intensive format during the two weeks of stay in Barcelona, ​​which will provide a practical vision of the master, networking and a deep knowledge of the sector, through visits to companies and key locations.

Reasons to study the Master

Hybrid Modality

  • Online training to offer maximum flexibility to the active professional
  • 2 weeks of face-to-face training: includes 2-week accommodation in Barcelona so that during the stay, the student can enjoy the experience of living in Barcelona. Besides being able to establish networking with other professionals in the sector

Cloister composed of consultants and trainers specialized in high performance teams

  • Active professionals who currently have extensive experience and recognition in the sector (see section Cloister of this program)
  • The student will have the possibility of holding an International Tourism Residential in Saxion (Holland). (additional cost)

Other outstanding values

  • Online classes in real time: The Online program will allow students to combine work and family with their classes. All the subjects of the program have online teaching in real time or in deferred, according to the needs of the student.
  • Personal brand management: The program includes the development of skills in the field of personal brand management, which affect the learning of personal marketing techniques and employability, in order to detect professional opportunities in Spain or in other countries .
  • Ostelea is a member affiliated with the World Tourism Organization (WTO) , a benchmark in world tourism governance.
  • Ostelea is a member of the Spanish Association of Tourism Professionals (AEPT).
  • Research Group: Part of the teaching faculty of the master's degree is integrated in the Tourism Research, Dissemination and Innovation Center of Ostelea (IDITUR)


The Master in Organization of Events, Protocol and Business Tourism will allow you to:

MEET THE MICE INDUSTRY (meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibitions) and the Protocol area of ​​the institutions

Build a strong base of knowledge of the industry from an international perspective and always from the managerial approach within the hotel management.


To train executives oriented to the business management of the tourist companies able to obtain the expected results globally.


To present the keys to the elaboration of strategic plans and their application to immediate action in MICE environments (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibitions).


Develop the capacity for creativity and innovation in the industry and its sustainable management through comprehensive and specialized training, qualifying participants for the assumption of positions of responsibility within the hotel management.


Develop the necessary management skills of a global manager of MICE companies to ensure that collaborative, assertive and participatory work is developed among all team members.


The Master in Organization of Events, Protocol and Business Tourism of Ostelea is classified into 6 modules:

  • Introductory module
  • Structure and international finance of the tourism sector.
  • Talent and innovation management.
  • Organization and Management of events
  • Protocol and Marketing
  • Master's Thesis

This program has the following characteristics:

  • Modular of 60 ECTS - 468 hours online

or 48 ECTS of subjects

or 12 ECTS of Master's Thesis

  • 2-week face-to-face module in Barcelona

Admission and Titling Process


The admission process guarantees the suitability of the candidates, in this way all the participants will be able to take full advantage of this learning experience.

To start the admission process it is necessary to fill in the information request. From that moment Ostelea will contact the candidate to close an interview to which the following documentation must be submitted:

  • University degree
  • The Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • Two letters of recommendation

After finishing the interview, the Admissions Committee will analyze case by case and communicate the resolution to the candidate to inform him of the status of his admission.

Professional outings

For this Master we highlight the following Professional Outputs:

  • Director of establishments focused on business tourism and organization of events, such as convention and convention palaces, fairs, incentive agencies and other acts of commercial promotion in the field of public relations.
  • Hotel establishments dedicated to hosting events, such as congresses, conventions and conferences.
  • Companies that use sponsorship and patronage as a communication tool and need qualified professionals to manage the events they are going to organize or sponsor, and design the sponsorship of profitable projects from the point of view of the visibility and return of the investment.
  • Departments of public institutions of any field dedicated to the implementation of cultural, patrimonial and artistic policies through the design, planning and management of events in this field.
  • Protocol specialists in both private and official events, working in companies or on their own.
  • Marketing directors of companies focused on business tourism
  • Organizers and campaign managers for cultural events commissioned by private companies, public or individual clients.
  • Consultants in the development, commercialization and financing of events.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated November 15, 2018
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