Master in Nuclear Energy and Thermophysics


Program Description

Department E6 "Thermophysics" conducts recruitment in the direction of preparation 04/14/01 "Nuclear energy and thermophysics" for the master's program "Thermophysics of high temperatures" .

The focus of the program is the study of the thermophysical properties of substances, heat transfer in high-speed flows, heat transfer in nanostructures, applications to nanotechnologies, multiphase and plasma media.

The scientific interests of the department: thermophysical properties of substances, complex heat transfer, turbulence, thermophysical analysis of processes in plasma, thermophysics of nanostructures.

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The main courses for students of the department: "Thermodynamics", "Theory of heat and mass transfer", "Statistical thermodynamics", "Mechanics of liquid and gas", "Fundamentals of the theory of turbulence", "Thermal protection", "Theory and technique of thermophysical experiment", "Methods of intensification of heat transfer "," Heat exchangers "," Computing heat transfer and hydrodynamics "," Heat engines "," Nuclear and thermonuclear installations "," Control in technical systems "," Automated systems in scientific research "," Theory of combustion and explosion "," Teplofi physics of heterogeneous flows ”,“ Thermophysics of two-phase media ”,“ Plasma physics ”,“ Introduction to nanotechnology ”,“ Thermophysics of nanostructures ”.

The department has created and operates a research laboratory to study the thermophysical properties of nanostructures.

The department is taught by experts from leading high-tech enterprises: TsIAM them. P.I. Baranova, Joint Institute for High Temperatures of RAS, TsAGI named after professors N.E. Zhukovsky, Institute of Problems of Mechanics. A.Yu. Ishlinsky RAS, Keldysh Center, Institute of General Physics A.M. Prokhorov RAS and others. Laboratory workshops, internships, and internships are conducted on the basis of these enterprises.

The subject of scientific schools of the department is developing in the following areas:

  • Basic research of heat transfer: turbulent heat transfer in gases, liquids and high-temperature plasma; heat transfer in nanostructures; heat transfer in the interaction of hypersonic flows with solid barriers; heat transfer intensification; evaporation and condensation.
  • Applied studies of heat transfer: heat transfer during the interaction of hot gas flows with porous walls through which cooling gas or liquid is supplied; heat exchange of hot gas flows with walls of complex geometry; heat transfer during boiling of liquid in the channels of heat exchangers.
  • Control systems and automation of heat power plants: development and research of control systems of heat power plants, mathematical modeling of control systems of heat power plants; engine fuel supply systems; development of mathematical models of automatic control systems; study of the dynamic characteristics of piston engines; adaptation of piston engines to alternative fuels.
  • High-temperature plasma technologies: creation of technological installations for three-dimensional implantation; creation of small-sized electric arc plasma furnaces; creation of stands for multilayer nanostructures; development of technology for the production of pure silicon and quartz.
  • Thermophysical studies of thermonuclear plasma: development of the concept of a low-radioactive fusion reactor; development of the concept of a hybrid thermonuclear-nuclear power plant.

Graduates work at the leading enterprises of Roskosmos and Rosatom, at research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and research centers of the Russian Federation. The resulting education allows you to successfully work at enterprises of almost all the leading industries, since thermal engineers are in demand everywhere.

List of documents for participation in the competition for magistracy

The list of documents submitted is determined by the Admission Rules and includes without fail:

  • consent to the processing of personal data;
  • personal application for admission of documents for participation in the competition for admission to the magistracy, indicating the name of the majoring department and the direction of preparation of masters (to be completed at the University);
  • present a passport , and also provide a copy of it (pages 2 and 3 with personal data);
  • the original document of a standard form about higher education and (or) a copy of it ;
  • for applicants for targeted education - an agreement on targeted education between the applicant and the state authority of the Russian Federation, local government, institution, enterprise;
  • special medical report;
  • 6 photos 3x4;
  • registration certificate / military ID (for young people);
  • SNILS - Insurance number of an individual personal account.

In addition to those indicated, applicants have the right to provide documents confirming their individual achievements, giving the right to accrue additional competitive points, or to grant a special right - enrollment without entrance examinations.

Last updated May 2020

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