Master in Micro and Nano Systems Technology


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Program Description

Why study Micro- and Nano Systems Technology?

The program is unique, exciting and practically oriented and is an excellent offer for those who already have a bachelor's degree in engineering or science.

The basis of the study program is the corresponding research community at USN, which constitutes one of the three intellectual junctions for Norway’s efforts in micro- and nanotechnology, with extended collaboration with industry, academia and research institutions; regionally, nationally and internationally. We have good laboratory facilities and spacious, clean rooms, as well as established collaboration with industries that focus on research and development.

Semester exchange to USN

Within this programme there are several exchange opportunities for students from partner universities. Please contact our program administrator for details and course lists. Application deadline is May 1st for autumn semester and November 1st for spring semester for exchange.

Where can I work?

After graduating in micro- and nano system technology you will be able to work within micro- and nanotechnology in industry, academia and in research institutions.

Within companies that develop and produce microelectronic and micro- and nano systems, you can work in product development, manufacturing technology, production management, quality management and project management.

In businesses using micro- and nanotechnology, you can work with business development, marketing and sales, project management, research and development and technical consultation.

Working with the local business community

During the study there is several visits to electronics and microtechnology companies in the Horten area and experts from the industry are invited guest lecturers on selected topics. USN is working closely with companies and research institutes and has at all times various research projects on-going. The final project in the programme is carried out in this research collaboration and several students are also offered summer job in these companies.

What you will learn

Our Master's Degree in Micro and Nano Systems Technology will open doors to exciting jobs in a multitude of industries. Micro- and nanotechnology can be found within almost all fields; electronics, medical, aerospace and petroleum are some examples. The programme is interdisciplinary and includes elements from electronics, mechanics, physics, chemistry, mathematics, modelling and processing. You will learn how micro- and nano systems are designed, produced and characterized.

Gain international experience

You can take part of the Master in Micro and Nano Systems Technology abroad. Taking part of the degree programme abroad will give you the opportunity to broaden your international competency and adaptability, which will make you even more attractive to prospective employers. USN offers exchange programs with universities all over the world.

Further studies

The graduate students will achieve a sound foundation for further doctoral degree studies (PhD) at USN or at other universities anywhere in the world.

Study Plan

A study plan describes the content, structure and organization of a study programme. To each study plan there is a set of subject plans that describes the different subjects. In the subject plan you will also find a reading list. Below you will find a study model that shows you which subjects that are taught each term. In the study model you'll also find links to each subject plan.

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About the School

The University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) is headed by Rector Petter Aasen. USN was established as a university on the 4th of May 2018.

The University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) is headed by Rector Petter Aasen. USN was established as a university on the 4th of May 2018. Read less
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